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  1. do you still need it ? 5 days left. i can it for free. licence A
  2. Trusted seller! i bought 2 keys, all working! ( english version/license B )
  3. WTS > x3 adrenaline keys license - A. Limited to one l2 client . 28 days left (English version) 5 eur each SOLD
  4. low price https://l2e-global.com Titan 83+75/75/75+nobles ( infinity Crystal rune -7lvl, ) WC 81+ ( A greid items) BD 79+ ( A greid items) SWS 78+ ( A greid items, no 3rd prof)) Items with Titan: Moirai heavy set, Doom heavy set, Vesper slasher 230 holy, Icarus trident 160 holy, Vesper/Vorpal jevel set, Bracelet of Titan (weigh limit + 100k ), Cloak of Freya Vorpal leather boots + foundation moirai h helm and some random stuff i sell just all characters + items , have't done 7rb quest on any char. 7 sing quest just started on titan titan and wc has no em
  5. WTB> L2e-global HF x5 Adena/coins /items if you have anything to offer with lower prices pm
  6. WTB> BD 74 allready have if you have offer some items for lower price i can buy them as well pm here