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  1. Seeing Yuma on Domi makes me laugh
  2. Noble domi, DC set +6, tts set +6, Am +8 active empower, 127 col $50 or best offer. PM me for skype or message me here. Thanks!
  3. As the title says anyone have an interface that will work on l2mad. Thanks!
  4. You should talk. Looks like a pre-schooler wrote this.
  5. People's information was clearly divulged on his forums last time around. As you can see the owner of the site didn't dispute my statement.
  6. I hope you have better protection with your server this time around. Last time that guy hacked your server and was able to access people's credit card information that donated. Really not cool. I'm glad I didn't donate to you last time around and I'm pretty sure he just wanted to show how your server can be exploited. You have to figure out some way to better protect your players. You even attempted to pay the guy off to stop hacking you. Don't let this happen again or else you will be totally done. First L2Lion was great. Second was full of bot and DDoS. Fix your issues before launch.
  7. Several servers now when you run adrenaline will run for about an hour but you still get a 1 hour ban on them periodically.
  8. The server is pretty good, I've played there for 2 weeks now, but there is zero pvp whatsoever. People cry when you pk them for zones. And lastly there is no where close to 3k players. You can freely farm wherever you want on this server. Everyone knows that if you had 3k players on the server there would be zero farm zones anywhere on the map including catas. If you can freely farm VOS, catas, FOG, MOS, ketra/varka you know for a fact there isn't anywhere near this many people. Server has 500 active players max.
  9. Message here. It'll be cheap. I just want someone to put it to good use while I'm on vacation.
  10. If they share a key they lose days on the key. I don't think anyone would do this.
  11. Noble Domi lvl 80 sub lvl 76 destro: -AM+ACU+6 -DC Robe Set +6 -TTS Set 7/6/6/6/6 -HD+5+F -TMH set If interested PM me on here. 25 euros takes it.
  12. Some new servers opening up feel free to contact me whenever on skype @ adenasellsfast Cheers!
  13. PM me here or skype: adenasellsfast for a trial version so you can test it for 24 hours. Farm plugin is easy to set up, is town specific and can be used on any midrate interlude server with npc buffers. TTS script works on all interlude servers. Cost of each full version is 8 euros lifetime. If you need help setting these up let me know and I'll be glad to set it up for you on teamviewer. Both are very simple to use. Cheers.