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  1. Could the lv40 class change quests work on interlude aswell? I know nothing of classic tbh, but it looks like they are the same quests, althought everything else could be different (npc ids, coordinates wtc).
  2. Hello, WTB as title a script for 2nd class changes on Interlude (various classes), or any equivalent script that can work on Interlude.Skype live:simone.tibaldi_1Discord RampagingRagE#6749
  3. Hello, WTB as title a script for 2nd class changes on Interlude (various classes), or any equivalent script that can work on Interlude.Skype live:simone.tibaldi_1Discord RampagingRagE#6749
  4. hello! any chance anyone has scripts for lv40 class quests (not classic, although they may work, but interlude)?
  5. In addition to the above post, I'm willing to pay anyone who can help me make it work, just pm me and we can find a deal.
  6. I've been trying to make a script to automatically farm this quest. Basically, I need my char to farm mobs until 300 items (quest goes to stage 2), then he has to turn quest in and reopen it and restart the farming. Here's what I've done this far: var item: TL2Item; function deadCheck: Boolean; begin Result := false; if User.Dead then begin Print('Dead. Pressing to clanhall.'); Delay(1000); Engine.FaceControl(0,false); Engine.GoHome(rtClanHall); Delay(10000); end; end; procedure script1; begin engine.settarget('Tunatun'); delay(1000); engine.dlgopen; delay(1000); engine.dlgsel('Quest'); delay(1000); engine.dlgsel('Home Security'); delay(1000); engine.dlgsel('Listen to his concern'); delay(1000); engine.dlgsel('Offer to help'); delay(5000); end; procedure script2; begin while true do begin delay(150); if User.Dead then begin deadCheck; end; Engine.MoveTo(53131,-84124,-2720); Delay(500); Engine.MoveTo(53736,-87114,-2456); Delay(500); if Engine.QuestStatus(278, 1) then begin Engine.FaceControl(0,true); Engine.LoadZone('BeastFarm'); end; if Engine.QuestStatus(278, 2) then begin script3 end; end; end; procedure script3; begin while true do begin delay(150); if User.Dead then begin deadCheck; end; if Engine.QuestStatus(278, 2) then begin Engine.FaceControl(0,false); Engine.MoveTo(53736,-87114,-2456); Delay(500); Engine.MoveTo(53131,-84124,-2720); Delay(500); Engine.MoveTo(53658, -83826, -2720); Delay(500); engine.settarget('Tunatun'); delay(500); engine.dlgopen; delay(500); engine.dlgsel('Quest'); delay(500); engine.dlgsel('Home Security'); delay(500); engine.dlgsel('Accept Reward'); delay(1000); if Engine.QuestStatus(278, 0) then begin script1 end; end; end; end; begin Script.NewThread(@script1); Script.NewThread(@script2); Script.NewThread(@script3); end. I'm encountering 2 issues with this: first, while farming mobs sometimes my char seems to try to go to the next point, then he resumes kiling mobs, he goes a little batshit crazy, so I gues it's an indicator of something going wrong. The main issue though, is that it seems I can't make the procedures go into a loop, after he turns the quest in he doesn't restart from the beginning. I'm really not good at programmin, I've just been using the guide found on this forum and went for trial and errors, but at this point it seems I can't make it right. Any help, pleaaaase?
  7. OPENING DATE: 9 JAN 2018 If you're looking for a stable High Five server where you can play without a fear of wipe of closing, then we highly advise you to finish your wanderings and settle on L2 Shilen, High five x5 Server. We rise against wipes and closings of any kind. The server has 100% official files to give our players a comfortable gameplay with no issues. Our donation shop does not offer any kind of "pay to win" items, but only what's found on the Prime Shop, according to the original H5 Official Ingame Shop. Any player that will try to corrupt any of our GM's will have a permanent IP ban; we don't need your money, we only want to create a pleasant, longlasting gaming environment free for everyone to enjoy. Our server provides complete support, interesting updates, and continuous advertising. Server is protected by smartguard and other in-game tools to find and block bot abusers. Rates: EXP 5x SP 5x Adena 5x Drop 2x Spoil 2x Raid Drop 2x Quest exp/SP/Adena/Items Reward 2x Epaulette 2x Steal Stone Drop 2x Jewel Boss 1x OLYMPIAD EVENT We're glad to present you our Shilen's Olympiad Event, guaranteed for every olympiad period we will grant as a reward, for the 3 heroes with the highest olympiad score:
  8. Exp x7, adena x2, drop x1, spoil x1, quests x1. I really don't know what kids are getting high on these days
  9. Same here actually, krn hasn't been answering on skype for a couple weeks now. LF a working, life-time anti-captcha as OP does.
  10. Hello, me and some friends are looking for an anti-captcha script to use on a little, crappy H5 private server. It has to work on an image, numbers only captcha (this one - Note that the question doesn't work, it's only needed to type the image's numbers). We can pay for it obviously, but we'd like a one-time purchase and not a monthly subscription for it. Message me or write here and we can make a deal :D
  11. Selling Eviscerator 99 on NCSoft server Freya with Tyrr GK dual class level 98. Currently wearing: +15 STR dyes R99 Eternal Light set all +6 120x3 element Special CoC Stun earring (+40% stun resist and rate, no longer obtainable) Special CoC Knockback earring (+40% knockback/down resist and rate, no longer obtainable) Orfen Soul Earring Frintezza Soul Necklace Ring of Creation Queen Ant Soul Ring +3 STR +50 crit rate hair accessory lv4 Vanir Talis Istina Bracelet 200k+ Mentee Coins other smaller items (3x lv1jewels in the brooch, +1 stats shirt) about 1b Adena cash + some stuff to sell (+5 CON dyes, nano supplements) Available also a 96 ISS DoomCryer and a 95 ISS SwordMuse
  12. Selling 9 keys whose time has started already, expiring in 12/12 Indicative price for today (18 november) is 5 euros each, but feel free to PM me to discuss it. Discounts for multiple purchases. Paypal only
  13. Selling on PP53 fullskill - 20 eur EE 45 - 15 eur Assassin 44 (PR or AW not classed yet) - 10 eur PM for any offer, prices are indicative. Available also some items (Akat Bow, Karmian Set, Top Luxury Jewels) Paypal only, discounts if you buy more chars/items.