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  1. hi wts items / chars on lineage.cz serwer grand elmore we have to sell all support 80 + dynasty hvy/robe/light sets essence 1 full ele +3 alot off wepon S +150 necromancer 80+ summoners 80+ destro/tyrant/sos/ 80+ PM with your skype discord for more info
  2. WTb arcana mace, major arcana set pm on forum with discord or skype
  3. HI wts chars, epic, items on L2 viserion server h5 x50 ( online almost 3 years ) pm what u want , fast delivery
  4. i come with friends, looks GOOD !
  5. Hi wts adena on l2saga 1 euro -1kkk pm on forum
  6. Hi LF script to autofarm quest handle of care
  7. WTS ADENA ON WRATH LINEAGE SERVER 2,5 bilion in stock pm. for more info accept paypal
  8. HI wts othel fortune seaker 100 lvl on serwer CORE 16 AP duall class YUL 99 lvl 8AP alot of skills +10 on main and duall Ethernal light set +6 full atri R95 blessed bow +6 Amarantine dagger+6 Special resistan earring octavis ring frinteza istina ring ruby, diamond, opal, pearl +3lvl +15 dex dye More info on skype lostbanditos only paypal gift
  9. wtb iss on core serwer 99 lvl wo. eq clean char