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  1. Looking to sell 2 separate accounts on NA Classic Talking Island 1) 64 PP (All Skills / Karmain Set) 100$ 2) 60 SK (All Skills , Full Doom Heavy (+ Shield) , B Grade Jewels , B Grade Sword, +4 CON Dye, +6 Lvl 1 Water Pendant) 100$ Willing to negotiate prices. Will take Venmo payments preferably. Live in Florida, so GMT -5. You guys can contact me via Discord (its the easiest way to contact me) -> Snowcaine#8127
  2. Scammer. Sent him paypal money for a 58WC on Talking Island. After he received payment he blocked me on Skype. DO NOT BUY from this guy. PayPal has been notified and have escalated my ticket.
  3. Added him on skype, sent him the money, provided pictures of proof of payment, he said give me 1min..... then he blocked my on skype and gave me nothing. DO NOT TRUST
  4. WTB a PP or WC 44+ on Talking Island (NA Classic). PM ME. Will use Paypal.
  5. WTB SE 50+ L2 Classic Club x3 (naked). Or can trade (Have 42 DA , 41 Destro)
  6. WTB Any Toons on ClassicClubx3 from high 40s / lvl 60. Please tell me naked prices as well as full geared :D
  7. How much for each char , naked, individually?
  8. WTS 38 SO Skelth or WTT for Adena Skelth! Pm me. Looking for 12kk Adena, open to negotiations.
  9. Cd5572 stole my account and send me nudes I didn't want.