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  1. Hi. WTB used adrenaline key with max 10 days (i cant pay more). Pref trusted sellers only, i alrdy got scammed 1 time in this forum. Answer in the post or by private. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi @adr.bot can u help me? :D Or some 1 I'm making a script to autofarm but when I die I can sometimes respawn in giran and another 1 in gludio, how can I make it move to one place or another depending on the city where i respawn? Im trying with this: if not User.Buffs.ByID(1413, buff) and user.inrange(81153, 148677, -3464, 3500) then begin Engine.MoveTo(82015, 147986, -3495); delay(1000); Engine.MoveTo(83176, 148352, -3432); //buffer giran if not User.Buffs.ByID(1413, buff) and user.inrange(-14404, 123473, -3112, 4000) then begin Engine.MoveTo(-14210, 123813, -3112); //buffer gludio But it does not move in either of the two cities. Sorry if it's something obvious I'm starting and I'm saturated in some things with so much information of scripts and such. Thanks. I alrdy fixed it, thanks anywais :D
  3. Good server but is empty. Dead market, low pvp, empty citys, no tvt's...
  4. Price changed, offer: 500kk = 9,5€ Pm or add skype: Alicecullen_29
  5. Edit: Just Adena and chars in stock, i have 500kk. 2.5€ = 100kk
  6. With this interface I have disappeared the target box, where you can see the life of the monsters, info of the target, etc ... Any ideas?
  7. Hi. WTS this chars in l2Pandora: Elemental Master lvl 79, Storm Screamer lvl 78, Dreadnought lvl 78. And this items: Edit: Just Adena in stock, i have 500kk. 2.5€ = 100kk
  8. Idk, im sorry if im not rich like u, but 15$ for me is 2 much. And no, i dont need nothing free, but i cant pay more than 7$ atm.
  9. Any 1 more cheap?Xd Just need it for 1 week
  10. Hi, any multibox program for https://l2pandora.net/ ? Classic server