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  1. Hello i have problem with my virtual machine for L2 (Oracle VM). I'v installed a Oracle VM (I gave 8gb ram for machine) I'v installed a drivers for win 8.1 x64. But when i'v run a single l2 window i just have laggy window.
  2. Server Rates:» Xp 25x.» Sp 25x.» PartyXp 2x.» PartySp 2x.» Spoil 15x» Adena 10x.» Drop 10x.» Starting character level 1. but on website: Server Rates:» Xp 50x.» Sp 50x.» PartyXp 2x.» PartySp 2x.» Spoil 20x» Adena 20x.» Drop 20x.» Starting character level 1. :D
  3. Mid lvls characters ;) Elven Elder 66 lvl Karmian robe set +3 Hom + Conversation +4 Cgrade jewelry some mats in wh Improved Kookaburra Ocarina 63+ Premium for 30 days (20 left) i Club Card for 30 days (20 left) ------------------------------------------------------- Bladedancer lvl 53 Dance of Mystic / Dance of Concentration ------------------------------------------------------- Warlock (cat summoner) lvl 59 actually on toi 8 ------------------------------------------------------- ALL CHARACTERS ARE ON THE SAME MASTER ACCOUNT! pm with price you offer ;)
  4. Hi, looking for lineage 2 smiles for forum
  5. Woow. looking good. good luck with project, i'll join.
  6. Smartguard thanks, i'll check this ;)
  7. or something to use Auto macro ;) { H5 }
  8. Hello i'am looking for a multibox client. I need to run 2 clients (Main+BP) i need a program which i can use eg. Q = F1 from second box W = F2 from second box etc. i need to use it while i'm playing on first box
  9. Hello, i'm looking for any images and animations with Dark Avenger + panther :)