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[L2OFF] Lineage II Remorse


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Support and translation will be soon available on all this languages.



Return  to the essence of Lineage II
Play the game as it was meant to be played.



WEBPAGE : www.l2remorse.com
PROMO PAGE : www.l2remorse.com/promo
FORUM: www.l2remorse.com/forum


General Features

1330228353_Interlude1.png.7f2a8d7b01e76548cacb11183d8af0a1.png Interlude - Dive deep into the best Lineage II chronicle
pts.png.d9ba8837022b8ae888e504997a392b2f.png OFF-LIKE PTS - off-like core platform from the best developers
 x3.png.7628cd1bdf1895b33be99a2d2621753e.pngLow-rate x3 - Hardcore character development, maximum level 80
population.png.75cf29c088c34520554132be4fcb03d9.png High population - Our aim is to have a minimum of 2000 players at the opening of the server
 ads.png.953ceb95b5736356368d4a97899007eb.pngAds - We will launch a major advertising campaign starting one month before the opening date of the server 
bot.png.8005f823e83b106084d9d2c4e818d3c0.png Anti-Bot - Software as well as a team of GMs will protect you against cheaters - Read more about this
 chapters.png.18a26c0030f47dc1263b1c0f1fe6090f.pngChapter system - Our solution to prevent speedrunning which has become a major problem on servers lately - Read more about this
classes.png.3ecc4b09050b530f61c24c0a19edd068.png Balanced classes- Classes have been changed to make them more balanced Read more about this

 Game server  - Fixed idea Not open to discussion

  • Chronicle : Interlude
  • Lineage2 Interlude Official Files L2OFF PTS 
  • New ANTI-BOT System/Protection
    Read more here
  • Date of Opening : 12 April 2019
  • Open Beta Test : 8 April 2019
  • Opening time : 21:00 GMT+1
  • Dualbox : Yes
    Maximum 3 clients + 2 Offline Shop
  • Max alliance members : Retail
  • Max clan level : Retail

Available Proxys;

  • United States
    New Yor City
    Las Vegas Nevada
  • Canada
  • Brasil
    Sao Paulo
  • Russia

Rates - Fixed idea  Not open to discussion

  • about-ico-1.png.27770952ee2afaec4f3fd135d8f8d000.png EXP: x3
  • about-ico-2.png.c52dd4a246b6b6aa90ea39b9171b8f79.png SP: x3
  • about-ico-3.png.220cb3809b686e315a3f74a1507e7e25.png Adena : x3
  • about-ico-6.png.4b049a60aea58cb138eaf8877fe4a5d4.png SealStones : x2
  • about-ico-5.png.b718073cce937e60aa9c907e19a4ad09.png Spoil : x2
  • about-ico-4.png.e3c0db1ce06f14d6c22acba72a03efd9.png Drop : x2
  • 1140354813_about-ico-7(1).png.1bd47dcf92a00d27e390801db0a99c80.png Raidboss XP/SP/DROP : x3/x3/x1
  • 1140354813_about-ico-7(1).png.1bd47dcf92a00d27e390801db0a99c80.png Epicboss XP/SP/DROP : x1/x1/x1

 Class/Subclass/Nobless quests - Fixed  Not open to discussion

  • about-ico-8.png.3fb497d4e5a2fb0e74c6267bd4fea8ab.png  First class quest : Retail Quest  / Available also for Donation
  • about-ico-9.png.a2561293ee236f22775f8f5827aeb4d0.png Second class quest : Retail Quest or 3.000.000 Adena or Donation
  • about-ico-10.png.f3db3cb5dca708e232ede6fa5ed7c706.png Third class quest : Retail


  •  Etc_spellbook_red_i00_0.jpg.7255d4addef1f6c9506a615bb8b1cd6a.jpg Subclass quest : Retail
    Alternative option for Red Pipette Knife item has been added. (Fates Whisper quest)

    Read more here


  •  Etc_spellbook_red_i00_0.jpg.7255d4addef1f6c9506a615bb8b1cd6a.jpg Nobless quest : retail
    Alternative option for Staff of Goddess : Rain Song has been added (Path Of A Noblesse Possessor Of A Precious Soul Part 3 quest)
    Read more here


Other quests (We have modified these to avoid abuse)

  •  Blood Fiend was 42,130 adena, became 4,213.
  •  Dangerous Seduction was 102,680 adena, became 10,268.
  •  Bard’s Mandolin: was 10,000 adena, became 1,000.
  •  Warehouse Keeper's Ambition 212 adena for one item, not repeatable, unchanged.
  • Added Moon Armor quest

Olympiad RETAIL-LIKE - Fixed idea  Not open to discussion

Etc_scroll_chalik_i00_0.jpg.283865fbea19f161909a7e9e88a57ebe.jpgSeven Signs - Fixed idea  Not open to discussion

  • Seven Signs will start on the 19th of April
  • From the 12th April until the 18th of April, Catacombs will be open with no Seal Stone drop and no fee of signing up.

Epic Boss Respawn times - Not a fixed idea - Help us with your opinions here

  • accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00.png.7b82242406cc5eeda395eb938878842c.png Orfen* 24h (1 day) Window +- 1
  • Item_6662.jpg.8ee633763215394f788a743fdc98cbee.jpg Core* 24h (1 day) Window +- 1
  • accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00.png.2f10172fae6f9004a4bd3f1ec3102c6c.png Queen Ant 24h (1 day) Window +- 2
  • accessory_earring_of_zaken_i00.png.b59a92f44e801340821356ec03aa4854.png Zaken 48h (2 days) Window +- 2
  • Item_8191.jpg.3df3e0c1404895efcc9cf86a6501b42f.jpg Frintezza 48h (2 days) Window +- 2
  • accessory_ring_of_baium_i00.png.c2828b00a34500cb74196a7881552db1.png Baium 120h (5 days) Window +- 2
  • accessory_earring_of_antaras_i00.png.e75b313748b3dc330312eb6e445cbe5e.png Antharas 192h (8 days) Window +- 2
  • accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.png.701a5580ecfb6cc97981dd07cf7171fb.png Valakas 264h (11 days) Window +- 2

* Core ring stats has changed to ; + 31 MP, CON+1, MEN+1, 40% bleeding resistance, +6% power of healing spells
* Orfen earring stats has changed to : Add 21 MP,, +1 STR, +1 INT, +15 chance of physical crit, +40% poison resistance, +1 accuracy.


Chapter System - Full information here

To avoid speedrunners wich nowadays are one of the biggest problems on Lineage II servers. We will split the game content into three different chapters.


Cube_upgrade_0.jpg.f68f767bcf41bac7b20bb4da117498a3.jpgPVP Zones added - Fixed  Not open to discussion

  • Tower of Insolence Floor 13 (TOI)  is now a pvp area. (for Baium fights).
  • Imperial Tomb main room is now a pvp area. ( for Frintezza fights).
  • Zaken Ship is now a pvp area. (for Zaken fights).
  • Heart of Antharas Lair is now a pvp area (for Antharas fights).
  • Valakas nest is now a pvp area (for Valakas fights).
  • Core room and Cruma 3rd floor is now a pvp area (for core fights).
  • Ant Nest bottom floor is now a pvp area (for Queen Ant fights)
  • Sea of Spores Orfen Spawn and Nest are now a pvp area ( for Orfen fights).


etc_ancient_crown_i03.png.292a65c0e4ffe316ddc1a0936a061348.pngUnique leaderboard 'Interlude King'
You can read more here


Etc_treasure_box_i08_0.jpg.2b1b2ea2f22329d153224f0dc2ee4068.jpg DONATIONS -  Full Donation list here

  • No pay-to-win policy
  • On the donation shop you'll find stuff like ;
  • Nickname color change
  • Accessories
  • Nickname change
  • Gender change
  • Karma Removal
  • etc.


You can find Server Rules here
Should you have any questions or wish to contact us, please do not hesitate to ask on our Discord or leave a post on our forums in the General Discussion section!



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how u can join olly at 55 lvl

its w/o nobless?


Olympiad - Fixed idea  Not open to discussion

  • You can participate at Lv 55
  • Second class change needed.
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3 minutes ago, AchYlek said:

how u can join olly at 55 lvl

its w/o nobless?


Olympiad - Fixed idea  Not open to discussion

  • You can participate at Lv 55
  • Second class change needed.

its not only this xd a lot fo changes needed to work .. anyway 

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7 minutes ago, AchYlek said:

how u can join olly at 55 lvl

its w/o nobless?


Olympiad - Fixed idea  Not open to discussion

  • You can participate at Lv 55
  • Second class change needed.

same like you can on classics

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1 minute ago, big man bear said:

same like you can on classics

so when will be chapter 3, there will be olly 55 lvl vs 78 for ex ?:O


  1. Chapter 1 Max Level 60.99%
  2. Chapter 2 Max Level 75.99%
  3. Chapter 3 Max Level 80
Edited by AchYlek
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36 minutes ago, AchYlek said:

how u can join olly at 55 lvl

its w/o nobless?


Olympiad - Fixed idea  Not open to discussion

  • You can participate at Lv 55
  • Second class change needed.

Same system than on Classic.


We using GF Client downgraded to interlude. 
L2OFF PTS Official files.

Thats why we will have Fortresss too.
Olys at 55 Lv (wont give any hero weapon or any avantage till chapter 3, where nobless is needed again)



Edited by Remorseadmin
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  • Psyancy changed the title to [L2OFF] Lineage II Remorse

"Same system than on Classic.


We using GF Client downgraded to interlude. 
L2OFF PTS Official files."



LoL. Same system than on Classic but with GF client to Interlude.. tfck is this crap?! haha

Soo I must install H5 to play on Interlude GF server or wtf, cause I can't understand hahaha. 


GL anyway. 

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Features post (the main post) updated.

For those who don belive this is really happening;

Adversiting campaing;  https://l2remorse.com/forum/index.php?/topic/43-major-adversiment-campaing-is-out/&tab=comments#comment-94

You can check it all. 

About 80.000 followers  https://twitter.com/x6tence_/status/1105909629794570245

Enjoy !!

Dont envy much!!

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Just to continue showing up some quality

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We finished the website traslation : [NO GOOGLE TRASLATION]


SPANISH VERSION : https://l2remorse.com/es/
RUSSIAN VERSION : https://l2remorse.com/ru/
POLISH VERSION : https://l2remorse.com/pl/
GREEK VERSION : https://l2remorse.com/gr/
PORTUGUESE VERSION : https://l2remorse.com/pt/
ENGLISH VERSION : https://l2remorse.com/

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