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  1. Same could be said about all ppl here trying to flame this server for anything they can think of. afaik there is no "referral system"
  2. +1 Ridiculous how people still trying to ridicule this server. With bot blocked, no wallhacks etc, it will only continue to grow. And yes, its there are still few people in giran, its 3x with mostly casual players. Most "pro CPs" are running adrenaline on whatever server is paying them for the moment. If you have a life it takes some time to lvl with no bots. Not sure why people judge a server based on how Giran looks after few days. Its 3x not 30x. Offlinestore cost 50k to setup. Most lowbie spots are full of people.
  3. Also there is a 50k fee for offline shop, many players dont wanna pay that first days, which explains why there are few shops up atm. The 50k fee will be removed tho if i understood right.
  4. Love how you post a video on giran on day 10 on a high rate server. People are in giran after 1-2 hours on a server like that. Go in any lowbie zone and you find alot of people everywhere, none of them are bots, not sure what more you can ask for in 2019.
  5. There is no 300 online lol, what are you smokeing? There are few shops in giran since there is a fee to make offline shops. Most players have not reached giran, its a casual server. There is plenty of ppl in lowbie areas, as for KmR that group is way higher lvl then the rest of the server, no wonder they dont see alot of players.
  6. WTS 77.70~% PR WTS 61 or 63 (cant remember) WTS 100kk~~adena PM for Offers or for my skype.
  7. I played classic way back, i remember they where banning temporary for RMT, this still happening? It depends on sellers? Is it temporary or permanent?
  8. Delete messages, cant pm.. How much adena you have?
  9. Problem with nexttarget is if you out exping (botting) and get ganked and want to have CP pot spam is that you cant add cp spam in the radar only in adrenaline. So if you stop adrenaline when you get ganked it wont spam cp pots, if you dont spam you will kill mobs...