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  1. Wts on eu Skelth . elemental summoner lvl 75.10% gear : Naked. +15 int dye . All important skills learned. Plenty of buff scrols , various exp scrolls. New Price : 30 Euro , or 50 kk adena . WTT for a BD/recharger. all conversation via msg here please . Can trade it for a Buffer
  2. Trusted man 100% . Everything as he promised + some nice surprises !
  3.!zVlV0B6R!8saSIvS6tjG5g-mr0SEoaPwFMO-fZU30Njhz1Jnp9Bw , there you go dudes.
  4. Up, can trade for adena or items on Innova
  5. Hello, this is my list Aeore healer lvl 87 and 30% with tw robe set +3+3+5+5+3 +60 elementalx 3 on pieces. Req buster with acumen +3+150 elemental, Bound immoral jwl set +3+4+3+3+3 ~30 kk adena. Dark elf Wyn summ lvl 86 with event gear on him Kamael archer lvl 86 with event gear. if someone is interested please pm. Thank you
  6. can you leave some infos on pm ? transfer, when you are on , when we can talk ?
  7. i sended a msg on hotmail but got no reply, i`m interested on what you have and at what price on dex 4x. Thank you