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aCis Plagueseeker Raid


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Hello guys,


Before 4-5 months i created a script for a new raid in order to avoid all classic raids that are really boring... It isn't something special, but i always like different and unusual things...


Plagueseeker Raid


Starting with some special cameras while all players are paralyzed.

When the broadcast end, the following features stands there:


action task every 2 seconds:


There is 20% chance to 'debuff' a random player if is healer class

  1. Debuffs:
  2. 20% chance for skill1336.png.d16e7e191da02f06778d1b3481d2e734.png
  3. 15% chance for skill1169.png.1ef642dc1c10d3c153a52662bc7be010.png
  4. 10% chance for skill1056.png.781d1963b70c4fad805509ea83d288fc.png
  5. 50% chance for skill0362.png.00ee3a17c6e2b5be3ae2b4c49e132ac8.png

There is 5% chance to

1) Spawn some minions when the hp of the raid is lower than 40% in order to protect the raid boss (can be happened unlimited times with chance 5%). Minions will suicide after 10 seconds after the spawn time if not get killed.

2) Pick a random target and kill him instant.


When the hp of the raid is lower than 50%

Broadcast again some special cameras (while players are paralyzed again), an earthquake for 5 seconds and instant kill 10 random players around the raid in 700 radius (can be happened only 1 time).


inactivity task


If the raid boss not attacked for more than 15 minutes, all players are going back and raid will be deleted.



* All the above features are meant to be used in a boss zone ( i used 150000 as a custom one in my pack). Any feature wont work outside of the zone, I wont share any thing like that since its just c/p.


* Its your responsibility to use the necessary checks in order to avoid bugs like move the raid out of zone. I coded for me at coliseum with doors closed. Also you have to set by urself how the raid will be spawned (i was about to code the spawn thing but i dont remember why i didnt). I used //spawn just for the video .




This is the hidden content, please


Coded (if i remember well) in acis 370.


Note: If you want to expand it or understand how a script can be coded, check this topic (if any other post is related to scripts and have informations post it)

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1 hour ago, Designatix said:

Once again something cool and unique.

Thanks for sharing it with us buddy!

thanks :)

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1 minute ago, Solomun said:

Video says is not available.


Thanks for share bro :)

Holy ... updated. Thanks :)

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20 hours ago, ApiVanganth said:



19 hours ago, Tony360 said:

Good work, keep it alive.


13 hours ago, lovepako said:

  thanks man


7 hours ago, foxrain said:

thanks man


5 hours ago, valanths1990 said:



5 hours ago, Nightw0lf said:

unique as always thanks!


3 hours ago, Tortex said:



Thank you guys!

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