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  1. Its corrupted. Anti-virus says d3c.dll is trojan!
  2. Hello Mxc community, I'd liike to present my custom made augmentation system which is based on confirm dialog window on which You can augment Your weapon again and again in seconds. I don't remember well, but somewhere in this forum person was selling similar system to mine for 10 euros. But this system has got better usability, html windows are with icons, and user interface itself is better and everything explained with info. System has got main protections for augmentation, Bypass and NPC protections. No useless shit. You can select Lifestone - MID,HIGH,TOP to augment Configs included aswell. An extra item which is requered to augment an item It can be Gemstones C or other item. Totally depends on your wishes and demands. Price: 7 eur Payment via paypal or CC contact me: Video attached.