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  1. Thank you for supporting my topsite, good luck with your sales and i wish you the best :)
  2. @L2-Luna do not trust pigasos-dev he is scammer, specially if he try to sell you donate panel here is the original:
  3. download putty type the ip and if successfully make the connection you will be asked for username and password
  4. do not post bullshit we all can see what you're doing
  5. no not at all right now as VIP member of maxcheaters sends messages in private in members and members trust him as seller of my donate panels if he is new member nobody will trust him so if you are his friend youre doing it wrong or else you are just stupid to understand what is going on this topic
  6. they dont even ban him even with proofs... this is messed up..
  7. @Maxtor how much you're going to let him fool you in your face, and how much do i have to try to fight for my 1 right in this forum as a seller... to sell and be protected by scambags like shanks
  8. apparently in this forum not taking action even worse we still talking about it and police take thiefs side.
  9. so what you gonna do about it? justice says he dont like my tone, trust me i am furious and your staffers tell me that i am responsible when you have RIGHT under your nose PROOFS that he is selling my work, HE DONT DENY IT he also use IRONY and you all take HIS SIDE, if you dont like me to sell in your forum just say it and i am gone im done fighting against the forum staff.
  10. the only thing you show me shanks is how much untrusted you are, and how stuffers side on your side this is mxc 2020 @Maxtor thank you for making me feel safe as seller in your forum.
  11. irony from the illegal reseller @Maxtor a small felt of safety as seller was felt now i am sure its safe to be a seller here
  12. conclusion you dont like me, you can resell other peoples work, felt safe now as seller. PS proofs posted staff takes his side. only think i can see its hes your friend that would make alot of sense.