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L2Devil.ws x5000

Live Start: Friday, 31/08/2018 at 18:00

Beta Start: Friday, 24/08/2018 at 18:00

  • Everything is free, all Skins unlocked, PvP for fun!
  • All players who participate in the Beta Server will receive Beta Cloak on the Live Server!
  • The Beta Server will be closed 24h before Live Server starts.

See you there!





- PvP Server -
High Five Chronicle
No Custom
Biggest L2 Community
Active GMs



- Rates -
Easy Farm
GM Shop All Items
- Enchants -
Enchant Chance 100%
Enchant Safe/Max +16




- PvP Balance -
Macro Glitch Enabled
Cancel Returns Buffs
Mana Potions




- Olympiad -
Active 24/7
Last Olympiad Day: Friday
Olympiad Enchant +6
- Buffs -
Scheme NPC Buffer
32+4 Buff Slots, 16 Songs/Dances




- Mass PvP -
Daily Epic Raids (Monday - Friday 20:00)
Weekly Castle Sieges (Sunday 16:00 and 20:00)
Weekly Territory War (Saturday 20:00)



- Automatic Events -
Team VS Team
Free For All
JuJu Free For All




- Skins (Dressme) -
1200+ Free Skins
Over 2500 Farmable Skins
Skins can be disabled to show real visuals

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I wish you better luck than the mass pvp project. I would like to see at least 1 new feature than last years Aeron aswell. Anyway...good luck with your project, i find it respectable.

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i like the website alot, but a "no customs" server looks very much like the lineage 2 that was created by a company so many years ago.
Same old thing again and again...and again....

good luck.

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3 hours ago, AchYlek said:

that forum is ugly as fuck lol




Additionally posts are under permission.You cant write something against something you dont like.This server is getting worst day after day.

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On 8/24/2018 at 6:52 PM, Dheva said:

Open Beta is now online!
Download the system here https://www.l2devil.ws/download
Or simply use our updater, L2Devil.exe, which will download all required files for you!
Thank you for playing Open Beta!


Why need beta if you just open-close same server all time?xD

Edited by AnitahIsBack

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