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  1. [L2j] L2Damage

    i just farmed my epics and u close it.. oh no. worse than l2destiny
  2. [L2J]L2 GiantsBattle

    you should really stop doing midrates because theres 1 guy that keeps reopening mids, lying hard with the online, putting fake stream and he gets all the players... unless you like to get dissapointed
  3. [L2J] Destarion

    hard to play for english speaking solo players...and i think its a fighters server cuz cc+cop stack... but still, best h5 pvp server around, its fun to play cause u see ppl everywhere... :)(
  4. [L2J] Destarion

    damn that looks like a farm server. 1. is there solo pvp zone? 2. rb jewels only from grand bosses?
  5. [L2J] L2 BloodEra

    add server on vote sites, should be helpful
  6. [L2J] L2 BloodEra

    i would play there ofc but i know... this chronicle is complicated af... too much stuff to farm, even had trouble farming at "pvp" god servers so what about mid.. got 0 knowledge xD
  7. [L2J] L2Memorial

    i really dont think people like such low rates... hope u wont get dissapointed, but good luck dude :)
  8. [L2J] L2Devil

    since its using fake online theres nothing else that could catch ppl up. personally after playing countless number of servers this one seems most unbalanced to me.... like really, i came back here many times and couldnt enjoy even for a day. hope someone will finally open another h5 pvp server.. because no competition and this happens give me gang, crimson, tehgame, dubai.. whatever
  9. [L2J] L2Memorial

    we need a pvp server, in general. theres nothing good.
  10. [L2J] L2 BloodEra

    we all need a pvp server.
  11. [L2J] Lineage II Clarity

    sad to see such server get no attention, meanwhile copy paste server that reopens every 3months under different name gets all the players and praise. :) gl
  12. So im willing to sell the time that i've spent on the account, i can also give 4 more accs with bishop boxes for freya -noblesse -vesper caster +8 300w passive wild magic -vesper noble robe +6 set PVP lvl 7/7/6/6/6, vorpal sigil +4 -vorpal earring +5, vesp ear+6, 2x vesp ring +6, b.freya +4, oly earring + tokens for one more ear/ring -cloak of hero white, shirt cp +4, belt clean +4 -250 fire stones to sell, 3.5kkk adena, plenty of various potions, 300gc -hurri 24, aura 29, vortex 15 slug 15, robe+17, ap 15, the rest is lower enchant -spirit cert and cele, also bishop 85 on sub for H.FREYa Can solo SoA and do pvp's without problems The amount of money can be low, i just dont want the char to get wasted. skype veluu91
  13. also after some time of playing my game jusst keeps having major fps issues until i restart it, but not sure if thats caused by it, i assume yea.. well sad.
  14. my font is so big, what should i do ?
  15. [L2J] L2Warriors

    so anyone's actually gonna paly there?