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  1. This file has been reported as a violation and is under review, download with caution can reupload it?
  2. Hello, i try to found someone that sell that scripts,but currently no one have it to sell,and i see ppl on the server that have this scripts,any1 know where i can find it? thanks.
  3. deadz is so good interface i use that,when mean god i talk (about Goddess of destruction Damage like the video),playing for long time in goddess and i still miss the on screen damage like video,btw thanks for all reply,if anyone can found it,please share it
  4. idk what server are,but i send msg to guy that posted on YT
  5. i want this damage on screen like this for server in h5 (im player)
  6. it asks pwd for extract... what pw is that? any1 know
  7. hello i try all interface h5 and still crash with all,anyone know one can work?
  8. hi any free bot working on private server? i try to search on forum and link i see (adrenaline cracked version link down and other too) any bot free working on privates?
  9. im looking abit for automp,hp,cp for interlude but didnt found any1,if anyone know one please share it and sry if post are on wrong zone