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  1. Trash youtuber confirmed
  2. The really weird thing is that this surprises you.
  3. Better buy from this guy
  4. Let's be honest, you only post this interface to show off, u dont care about suggestions :D
  5. That interface was shared few months ago in 300 forums xD Idk why so late here
  6. Simple script, but u can edit It: function checkAgro: boolean; var npc: TL2Npc; begin result := Engine.FindEnemy(npc, user, 1100)); end; begin engine.moveto(123,123,123); engine.useskill(123); engine.facecontrol(0,true); while checkAgro do delay(1111); engine.facecontrol(0,false); end.
  7. Why need beta if you just open-close same server all time?xD