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  1. The new feature you are introducing is something "what can be done most useless". Maybe its just me, anyways gl.
  2. They are same servers and Im here to tell what they just did to me. They deleted my character to reserve that nickname for a donator. Now I see that exact same name player in game with full donator gears. This is unacceptable and deep shit of corruption. I just wanted to let people know before starting here. Stay away, keep ur money and time for something else.
  3. Hello, Im leaving the server and I wanna sell my adenas. Stock: 4KK Price: 1KK = 28 USD Skype: zenci313131 You may not trust me which is acceptable, just drop on skype and talk to me. We can always use MiddleMan service as long as you pay for it.
  4. TRUSTED +++++++++++++++ Sold him Items and Adena !!!
  5. Wts adena in Core server. Im selling to only Trusted members since there are many scammers via paypal. I accept only paypal and friend/family method. Skype:zenci313131
  6. I wanna buy Adena, Talisman Morale, Hunter, Tactics, Istina Earring and 1 Sayha Seer 95+ In Core server. Pm here, Reply or add Zenci313131 Skype.