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  1. I just told my terms.. and you have 2 options: accept them or not, but dont go calling me scammer without proof. The next time that you talk about me on this forum do it with proof please.
  2. Dark elf mage(necromancer) 99(99.90%) dual class wynn summoner 99 +2 subclass 80/80 + original email +16 ability points Active skills: crystal form +5 fast hp elemental spike +6 duel elemental crash +6 duel elemental destruction +6 duel death breath +6 duel death howl +6 distance elemental blast +7 duel elemental storm +7 duel devil curse +6 m def mass devil curse +5 m def air rider +6 time double casting +7 time death fear +7 chance magical evasion +6 distance magical charge +6 distance transfer pain +7 power Arcane Power passive skills: superior weapon mastery