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Basic Info :


XP: x1000
SP : x1000
Drop : x1
Adena : 1000
Anti Heavy System
L2Tower (etc) Protection
StartupSystem ( Choose class and witch items you want)
Starting / MainTown Giran
Custom Events
Easy farm
Vote Reward System
Announce Castle Lords
Killing spree system
Color pvp System
Raid Boss and monsters cannot be healed
Clan Leader Color
Clan Rep Item
War Legend Aura
Config for the critical of fighter and mages
Remove Weapon/ Armor when you change sub class
Starting LeveL 80
Show NPC Crest
Pin Code
Give Buffs to new chars
Oly Town
Balance 99,9
Custom olympiad system
60 buff slots
3 Hours buffs
(And more ! Pack have a a lot of fixies and a lot of custom things)

Random box



Enchants :



Safe enchant with normal scrolls : 3
Safe enachant with Blessed : 16
Safe Enchant with crystal : 18
Max for normal scrolls : 16
Max For blessed scrolls : 16
Max for crystal scrolls : 18
Normal enchant rate : 50%
Blessed enchant rate : 90%
Crystal enchant rate : 50%






Custom Shop
Skill enchanter
Mass siege informer
Password Manager
All Sub classes at one npc
Global Gatekeeper
Top 10 (Top pvp/pk/online/clan)
Raid Boss Info
Raid Boss Gatekeeper
Vote Manager
Oly Manager
Custom mobs
Custom Raid Bosses
Clan Manager

Commands :



Pm me for more infos!!

Edited by poytsomaxias

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Thx my friend :) You have a om with the price :)


i vouch this guy very Trusted :) thanks for the pm Poytsomaxias. also the price is vey negotiable

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