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  1. I Can: Modify your files Create new Engines Fix every bug Adapt things from other clients Create a new project from scratch. Modify your geodata / geoengine And i can implement on your server whatever you dreamed last night! Client Side: Adapt weapons / armor from client to client Design a new Loading Screen Newbie services: Add a code Install your server and make it go online Teach you how to add codes and how to compile Machine related services: Setup your machine Setup your server on linux machine Setup your website + domain on your machine I also sell machines dedi o
  2. egw tha tous kopsw ton tsampouka omws vaggena, twra pou efige o xdem kapios prepei na kanei tin douleia tou
  3. albanos eisai? milaw elinika kai mou apantas sta agglika, pou se vrikane? ti forum ekana egw advertise re zwo? oxi, pesmou eisai ikanos gia to paramikro sto l2? exeis tipota na prosfereis ektos apto na kaneis kana leach apo kana alo forum? ante apo dw twra, pata ta san ka9isterimeno 10xrono
  4. mlka sevasou ligo ton eafto sou toulaxiston
  5. no,there's no other way (i guess) why you want to get rid of it so badly?
  6. he's playing on that server i guess he don't have the server files :D
  7. ctrl+f (aka find service) inside skillnamegrp.dat ---> Find the skill name and then keep the ID after that open skillgrp.dat : ctrl+f (aka find service) ----> Paste the ID find the line and remove the texture with the icon word included example Before: 3 1 0 0 9 40 3 1.08000004 0 S 3 icon.skill0003 0 0 0 a,none\0 0 9 11 0 a,none\0 After: 3 1 0 0 9 40 3 1.08000004 0 S 3 0 0 0 a,none\0 0 9 11 0 a,none\0
  8. Expensive? you should better check the prices for full function websites better
  9. share but share wisely sharing useless craps is like not sharing something at all
  10. If you call "something" fulling the forum with crappy shares then I'm feeling really sorry.
  11. ye he's a gold member this is how gold members pass their time here... :-beep- yeah:
  12. Maxtor should really promote all members to Gold I can see all gold members (on their starting days) making "helpfull" topics Becoming Gold Member is really changing your life! You wake up with a purpose now!