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  1. actually its supposed to be like this. guard is not changing aggro unless the target is dead since c4.
  2. trash server, bot fiesta also faggot admin
  3. objectid stands for the npc in ur case none. easier to set via a global bypass to server.
  4. I dont take sides but, i totally agree with tryskell, why? its been so many years and servers keep launching with admins who cant code anything, despite that if u cant follow acis updates and adapt while u dont know what even they are for why to update in the first place also those guards, hilarious braindead customers buy their protection.
  5. u understand that those kind of things will always exist right? no matter what bot or no bot protection u already have in. the point is u just force those who will stay and play to pay the bot. thats all, the result its the same and bots will exist.
  6. Aaaaaaaand here it is the reason most of the people will join wont play.Why to buy bot protection while u can be bot-free and get the money from the players who spent in bots to donates? 2k17 and still dont get it and most important, u guys dont get it.
  7. keep in mind that pages with that kind of scripts get insta delete with a single report.
  8. it might even be the shop flood protections or ph at gm shop
  9. floodprotectors/disabled drops/no packet with the animation of the buffs. lul u live 2005 or what
  10. lul kys Even opening a server with the same files doesnt mean u have a guarantee succeed.
  11. run a client and see from ur processes what file is running it and with what parameters
  12. u cant run it through launcher afair u include the l2.exe or l2.bin in the setup for IG, also for OG i dont know if there is any version of l2net for freya as it worked IL H5 and GoD, the gracia option or something a version had issues on the packets and constantly was crashing.
  13. show me a server which has smartguard and players enjoy playing.
  14. Its exactly as our friend here explained. with 3 ad's at 3vs3 map game ends in 7 minutes. If u plan to just levelup u shouldnt touch the normal games.
  15. It takes up to 3 days to do 1->30 manual. It cost 20~euro to transfer from euw to eune. If someone give u free account it will be probably botted or scammed.
  16. it takes up to 3 days to do lvl 30 on 3vs3 map, game can end at 7 mins in case u do it manual. nhc was fine to lvl up and get ip since can levelup multiple accounts by feeding every game and lose at 15 mins. voli is leveling single account by manually playing. if u plan to play the account u want to bot just do it manually, most of the bot leveledup accounts get ban after playing a few ranks.
  17. i had some issues like that on interlude at choosing server, it was popping me 1 window like the actions one and 1 window which was like the augmentation one but with the icons black, server was la2dream and was protected with smartguard if im not mistaken.idk if this helps but worth noticing.
  18. dont buy adr at all, dont play smartguard servers. ur issue solved
  19. whoever even join this server must be mentally sick also donating there, hahahahaha u guys cant be serious
  20. Hey guys, im looking for IL custom or no pvp server with 100+ actives and w/o smartguard to spend a week. Leave a reply with server link, thanks.