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  1. Να πας να αυνανιστεις :'( δεν ξεκιναω τιποτα.
  2. [GR] Πολλες ωρες για να κανεις το project convert σε java 8 [/GR]
  3. I would date you for that smart answer you wrote but i know u engaged
  4. Let's say you have two projects. First one uses java 7 the second uses java 8. You dont want use vmware neither install and re-install java every 30 minute. What's the best option? If path at enviromental variable change would this work?
  5. So process so far. I did what i wrote. Created new Map, stored each new skill on it. Changed the addSkill from true to false so it wont store individualy at the end of the class i added the storeSkills. The method simply store all L2Skills at once without open 1000 DB con. Still in game 1.5 sec delay like i never changed anything. The method turns out to Finalize after 77 milliseconds. I refer to this method public int giveAvailableSkills(final boolean includedByFs, final boolean includeAutoGet) { long ms = System.currentTimeMillis(); int unLearnable = 0; int skillCoun
  6. Ok i did. Ill go check in game to see the thread how much time it get sleep until db stuff finish. Thanks for ur help i wouldnt search further if u didn't say the word "DB" . I kinda liked procedures in SQL but the overal structure and coding i dont like it.
  7. I set the addSkill(skill, false); so it won't store each skill individual using DB and bellow i add the skill onto a List and at the end of the code i call this method that i added private void storeSkills(List<L2Skill> newSkills, int newClassIndex) { if (newSkills.isEmpty()) { return; } final int classIndex = (newClassIndex > -1) ? newClassIndex : _classIndex; try (Connection con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(ADD_NEW_SKILLS)) { con.setAutoCommit(false); for (final L2Skill addSkill :
  8. I'm not the best in SQL, what u suggest? Maybe instead of open 1 connection for each skill to add all in 1 map and open 1 con and do a for e.t.c ? wouldnt this be faster? Else what ?
  9. Damn it, the addSkill(sk, true); at the code i showed you have SQL relative code pff public L2Skill addSkill(final L2Skill newSkill, final boolean store) { // Add a skill to the L2PcInstance _skills and its Func objects to the // calculator set of the L2PcInstance final L2Skill oldSkill = super.addSkill(newSkill); // Add or update a L2PcInstance skill in the character_skills table of // the database if (store) { storeSkill(newSkill, oldSkill, -1); } return oldSkill; } You were right... damn this fucking SQL. private void storeSkill(final L2Skill ne
  10. This also have a method i didnt see: activeChar.sendMessage("You gave " + player.giveAvailableSkills(includedByFs, true) + " skills to " + player.getName()); But the giveAvailableSkills is just this: public int giveAvailableSkills(final boolean includedByFs, final boolean includeAutoGet) { int unLearnable = 0; int skillCounter = 0; List<L2SkillLearn> skills = SkillTreesData.getInstance().getAvailableSkills(this, getClassId(), includedByFs, includeAutoGet); while (skills.size() > unLearnable) { for (final L2SkillLearn s : skills) { final L2Skill sk = S
  11. public final L2Skill[] getAllSkills() { if (_skills == null) { return new L2Skill[0]; } return _skills.values().toArray(new L2Skill[_skills.values().size()]); } Map to array
  12. Now im thinking it's stupid cause the method was including in berchmark so any sub-calculations wouldnt again be recorded on system out at sendSkillList.. again i tested it nothing changed.. You're right.. No there is no DB connection involved.. I double check the code. It goes from this: /** * This function will give all the skills that the target can learn at his/her level * @param activeChar: the gm char */ private void adminGiveAllSkills(final L2PcInstance activeChar, final boolean includedByFs) { final L2Object target = activeChar.getTarget(); L2PcInsta
  13. So basically you say that the size wouldnt change maybe the method that handle the packet is wrong. i check the H5 method SKilLIst and is this https://pastebin.com/AXws0Pgb while on freya ishttps://pastebin.com/3HzmwR49 So basically on Freya the constructor create a new FastList which is slow as fuck compare to arrayList so ill go ahead and change this cause javolution is slower by 30% as i saw I'll try my lack with this and report back.
  14. oh, true didn't think of that. If i do packet.toString().lenght(); this would return the packet size (somehow) i could compare to H5 then ?