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  1. Why so much drama about dar drunk girl? Herlitz you are gay or what? Maybe you are nolifer and a girl with nice boobs is smth mystic for you? Why do you QQ so much avout Maxtor's money? This is his forum and he can do w/e he likes. Your tears wouldn't change anything, leave this forum and continue your boring life in lineage.
  2. What? 1k-5k players on ru servers? It's 2018 and you still believe trash ru odmins? Ru servers just buy trash clans, nothing more, they were trash, are trash, will be trash.
  3. Hello! Fix your description: "Русский", not "Пусский".
  4. [RU] Когда уже ру одмены закончат школу и наконец выучат английский?? Гугл через задницу переводит. [ENG] Fail gugl translator
  5. Grand Opening 2 March? Rofl At least, when you make copy-paste, take a look on your text.
  6. Nothing special. 120 online on the screenshot + you gave around 3k donation coins to the ex "topxa4said" for free.
  7. Funny guys here. Why I should farm again and again, making the same quests (nobles for example) if server's life-time is 2-3 weeks? I repeat: any interlude (mid-rate / high rate) server lives around 2 weeks, and no matter if the owner payd to clans or he didn't. If MrPro brings online to the server it is bad? He offer some ads and get some items in game, which other players can get also, but they should farm 2-3 days more? You are so trash community, can't undestand simple 2018 things.
  8. Why 99% of post-makers talking about corruption? I'm not a player on this server and personaly do not care about this project, BUT: open a dictionary a read what means "corruption". This admins pay to clans/cps and he do not hide this info. If you do not like this "setup" just leave the topic that's all.
  9. [RU] Отстойный гугловский перевод. Сам проект смотрится хорошо, удачи парни.
  10. About online on the g.o / next day after g.o : russians playing/botting with 10 boxes. Modern lineage2 :D
  11. Wrong section dude. You have to make such topuc in marketplace section.
  12. 1) x75 without NPC buffer = 0 online. 2) x75 and "all buffs retail" = 0 online. 3) Even if you fix #1 and #2, with your invests (around 50-100 euros) you will get max 70 online.