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  1. nope. Neophron free interface don't has mini map / new macros and other But his "not free interface" looks like "bots program"
  2. Like always nice share! But I think will be better change interface from classic: - add auto potion slot(if some1 don't want them then he can not use. - change mini map (radar classic like) - add party member icon - add new icon for macroses - change global and town/dange map (I can send my if u need) - add auto use macros on toolsbar - change skillgrp like neophron ( limit under character) And more other... PS. I hate my english))))
  3. In game server msg [INFO 15:13:12]: Player OID 268503181 used l2ss.DLL and no EnterWorld! Type:[C] 3F RequestSkillList and after char enter the world he will momentaly disconected
  4. Happy new year С Новым Годом!
  5. yes. Celestine share this interface in this topic. and how we can see Celestine write Author: gattsu and here Credits: gattsu ps sorry for my english
  6. i'm wrong? button work? Lobby rly good. But this button are'nt work. ps
  7. Nice work. ps But game button "Character Status (Alt+I) " not work with thats.