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  1. yes i known, many additional features doesn't have "foolproof" check
  2. added turn off/on for some windows, turn on/off restore toggles after death, animated toggles, noble notice after death, click on death penalty debuff use scroll if u have it, some fix on auto ls, inventory
  3. most part of them u can change in interface.xdat (open by xdat editor), but some buttons names, tooltips still have only english language cuz it's compiled in interface.u.
  4. no) but for pet it's possiby to setup more or less working version via interface (with some skip on fighters ss when att speed to high - phoenix summon with full buff for example, for magic ss - it's not hard cuz all pet's magic skills have big enough skill hittime and reuse cooldown). And yes if you have high ping or bad connection ss will have flaws anyway)
  5. i don't think to add more onscreen messages (evade, resiste and etc), it's already to much "noise" for me) - oly map pet auto soushots mb add later, they +- stable
  6. little bugfixes, added possibility to setup custom local maps (zonename.dat <-> localmap.ini), to manual setup your map turn off "hidden" checkbox on RadarMapManual via xdat editor.
  7. Try nwindow.dll from your custom, it's patched to show debuff timers i think
  8. class detect don't work? mb it's server depends, on rpg all work fine
  9. hmm i'll check tomorrow and what custom deadz u have? thx for feedback)
  10. maybe i'm wrong now, but buff/debuff icon don't have timers in olympiad observer mode (in normal mode without patches)
  11. no) if u manualy switch target after lock it doesn't switch back, but if u press escape or smth like that it switch to your target lock (useful after SoP, mirage and etc). it's "native" Deadz functional, i didn't use it and never change it
  12. a u sure?) all works fine, i don't change it u need restart game after reassign buttons for lock feature