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  1. Hostname lookup for "" failed Your webpage is too slow but server has no lag... I'll get in to see what's happening... Good luck...
  2. I could give it a try too i think. I'm waiting for ur PM. If you can give me some infos too i would really appreciate it.
  3. Lineage 2 Experience, Arcadia or what?
  4. Even if there are not many players online, they will join for sure. Good project. In-Game i saw a gr8 gameplay. gj!
  5. I really like the idea... Gratz! hopefully a nice server to spent our time. Hope it worths the waiting... Wishing good luck!
  6. Last minute changes... server failed already. Posting the usual copy/paste features doesn't do the case better. Had a good feeling about this server but tooo failed. Anyway... let's see the next one.
  7. Copy / paste features. No international community. Doante Shop and Farm Zonos. //failed_before_oppening
  8. To see what? the unknown chinese letters? Are you pulling my leg?
  9. NPCs have 0 HP not the mobs. Just some mobs are not displayed at all...