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  1. WTB OLD NCWest account Not interested in characters/gear etc just looking for old NCWest accounts to buy. PM price etc.
  2. Selling Yul/Feo on Ramona 101/101/80/80 x3 +10 shirts Shiny/Magic/Maphr Almost all La Vie En Rose 4LVL ​Exalted quest 90% done ( 1 more siege) Wind Talisman 10% M Crit dmg 9k MP left. Hellfire Talisman. Battle Marks 2.4k 5 Slot Brooche Arias Bracelet +4 INT 560 Energy of Destruction 1000 Love Potions (mini raps) OFFERS VIA PM
  3. LF patched System Protocol 28 Patched. http://m0nster.io/ - i found these systems but they are not patched.. If anyone has one good to go could you please share. Thanks
  4. For dump people, Lineage 2 is a game designed to have 5000-6000 maximum online and it can't possibly have any more because even at 5000 real online the game play is horrible and it is hard to find a spot/mobs to farm. On high rate servers it is even worse because most players are leveling and farming using the same location. It seems to be like a trend now taken from Russian private servers to have x100 - x1000 online counter for some reason. Remember the good old days when there wasn't fake online and never ending server openings with greedy, money hungry low life admins trying to make a li
  5. Lucera 2 Interlude Source + Compiled (actual source) Just sharing it, don't ask me any questions on - How To. Credit to Developer - Ro_0TT http://sanshare.com/a39arvuzoxbw
  6. Adrenaline is working and always will even with this anti-bot. As one of the developers said about Smart-Guard it takes them 1 day to bypass new fix but it takes Smart-Guard 1 week to apply another fix. They are always ahead of you guys.
  7. I see BBB joing this ''project''. They failed at Averia because of good opposition so they decided to play against phantoms on this server with ''20k+"" online.
  8. Yep, developers sell it for 700 rubles and it is a lot less then 20$ or euros.
  9. 200kkk on Averia cost aboud 50 euros. And char with about the same skill enchant and fame around 25kkk like 5-8 euros. 100 is way to much.
  10. Can somebody move this topic? Server is online
  11. Have not had any messages yet. Can't believe there is nobody here who would be able to get this done :)
  12. Updated 1st post, opening date is announced. You can create game account now to be ready for tomorrow. Any questions PM me or ask me a question on forum.