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  1. Patch 1.7 released Stable 1000 online
  2. Can't wait! Looking for CP
  3. hello ppl ! Do you know any site like this one ? for high five?
  4. 50K stock; discount 2,5$ --->2,25$/1k contact here or skype
  5. craftwith full S recipes inserted + HE on subclass (db+f+passive p atk)+draco set+ TT SET + vip (800gold every day) for sell; also SPS majo arcana set, am acu, tt jewels set //sold
  6. atm out of stock, but make order if you want gold/tt recs
  7. Draco bow + focus - 25$ sold Draco set - 18$ sold QA 150$ - sold DB+f+6 - sold Queen ant 150euro sold 2$-1k out of gold make an order 50k$+ -1,8$/1k 100k gold stock transaction via paypal/revolut/pufa store skype : davidtcv
  8. EE 59lvl vip 2 full skills 140euro negotitate paypal skype: davidtcv