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  1. Sauron did you do that without hex? I cost the same and more edit the client. But you gave me protection against client moding. -.-
  2. I dont :( I only know edit the client interface a bit. Thanks anyway man. (y)
  3. i try edit the files of the server instead of copy paste mi interface mod folder. I found that I have no problems when editing with l2 file edit, so i can enter the server correctly. But when i try to edit interface.u with hex or interface.xdat whit xdat editor still kick me off. Do you have some tip for me, to bypass that protection? Thanks, and again srry my bad inglish.
  4. Its their own protection, as far as i know. L2 gxzone server.
  5. Hi people. I need some help for interface modification. i want to play one h5 server and i realise when i try to log in whit mi interface modification pack, the server kick me off. Any one nows how to bypass that protection? Thanks, and srry for mi bad inglish.
  6. Yes man. I go to detail status only to see the comand for epilogue client. eI have to change those lines, and i try to find out witch hexadecimal code i need to put xDDD
  7. Send me that error i try whit GetClassType(Info.nSubClass), GetClassType(SubClassID) and your... This is the epilogue detailstatus:
  8. I already did that man, but I still see dont the class of the characters. I think I have to change that in hex code and i dont know find the line and i dont know whrite it. For example in H5 i need to change C2 0E 36 FF 0C 00 5D 02 into D2 05 36 E8 0A 00 5D 02 and that figure in the code like this: ..6...]. I gonna still testing. Thanks Man. :D
  9. Hi, i want to edit interface.u file to se the target class in "Name Rank" section in mi L2 epilogue client. i find this, but in a interface.u L2 H5 file and i have troubles making it work in epilogue or editing in hexadecimal. Help plz :) PD: Srry for mi bad inglish