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  1. Hey guys, where can I find this L2font : I know it exists cause I have seens some custom splash's using it, like this one: Have you seen it anywhere?
  2. Hello! Is it possible to use Hi5 Buttons and background image like in this photo, but for interlude? https://postimg.org/image/jnv3wtwvb/ If you know a share, please post it here =D
  3. Hey there everybody! I would like to get some help with my case since I tried to fix the problem myself numerous times but nothing seems to have any effect, not even with the help of a friend. So here is the thing: Melee classes like daggers and tanks cannot hit/use skills on a running target. The attacker will chase/run after the target and when he reaches the minimum distance to hit/use skill, he does nothing, just stops and starts running again in a loop. Very rarely you can hit/ use a skill, VERY rarely. For example, you try to kill a Mage with a Dagger> Mage is running from you, you try to backstab but you cant! Even with Dash, I rin to the mage but nothing happens, even from the front! When mage stop running I can use skills/hits. I tried to increase attack range in AttackableAI.java: int range = combinedCollision; if (attackTarget.isMoving()) range += 15; if (npc.isMoving()) range += 15; 15 is the original value, I tried with 50, 100, but didnt change anything. Also,this problem also affects archers in some way, check it, that is not normal:
  4. Hey there! Could someone help me to understand how to code these "% bars" in the lineage 2 client? Check the examples in images: https://imgur.com/a/YX6ZL
  5. I tried something like this: else if (newClass.equals(player.getBaseClass())) { player.sendMessage("You already have that Baseclass! Choose a new one."); return false; } else if (newClass.equals(player.getSubClasses().values())) { player.sendMessage("Delete your Subclass first!"); return false; But this is not working. Any help?
  6. Hello! I added to my pack a multiservice NPC: It allows to player to change his baseclass w.o cheking if he already have that class as a subclass, so this happens: https://imgur.com/a/iYzQw How can I fix it?
  7. [L2OFF] L2 ATHENA

    Then stop lying and advertising it as the real server. You said yourself that it is a copy. U even created an account called O-reo trying to pass as the real owner Matthew (oreo).
  8. Hey Can i Get advices on how to install it properly? Tried to make it work folowing he original post but..Heres what I did:Added the code and compiled w.o errorsAdded the script to script.xmlcreated the NPC in npc.xml with same ID as set in core.used npc type as "Folk"Placed the htmls inside htm/default.What did i do wrong or what did I miss?
  9. [L2OFF] L2 ATHENA

    Actually i know the real owner of the old eternal sin l2 and hes american. You guys cant even talk english lol. Also the real web domain es-l2.com is not active. This is java, ES was l2off.
  10. Worked like a charm! Thank you for putting an end to this =P Really!