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  1. Bought a bug fix service from him, was fast and working perfectly! I will def buy from him again! And also he is trusted since many years ago working with html and java, recommended!
  2. Hello! My friend has a server (acis 385) at his home, but we are having trouble to login. If I can login from my home, he cant fom his home (where server is). Ports are all correct, because I can log from other country..so that isnt the problem. We tried millions of configs but nothing works.. If one can log, the other can't. It looks like its a problem with the gameserver because He can pass loginserver, create accounts, but gets stuck on server selection screen when it tries to connect to gameserver. When external players can log, the configs are: * hes using no ip url
  3. EU CLASSIC OFFICIAL SERVER ACCOUNTS: Spellhowler Lv 84 - 225euros Rank 1 Race (Passive Casting Speed/Atk Speed +200) Sapphire lv 5/Jade lv 4/Garnet lv 4/Pearl lv 4/Diamond lv 4/Vital lv 4/Aquamarine lv 3 Talisman of Aden +5/Ferios Cloak +4 (dmg received-4%)/Aden Cloak +2 Elder Earth Spirit (4 stars lv 3) + Earth Agathion Agathion Bracelet lv 5/Brooch lv 5/Talisman Bracelet lv4 (4 slots) 163 High grade EXP scrolls + Lots of consumables (fruits,cakes,buff scrolls etc) 24 buff slots All skills learned and maxed out. Spellsinger lv 80 - Jewels lv 4, naked - 80 euros SE lv 79,
  4. Come buy! Stock is going out! 128kk left! 0.6/kk
  5. WTS ADENA ON SKELTH Promo 0.6 eur per kk Stock: 313 million Message me here for more info or skype: tiagovecc
  6. Selling these on Skelth: Message me for more info. Cabrio Hand +5 + Clarity lv2 Augment Super Feoh Rune Stage 13 Super Iss Rune Stage 13 Lilith Rune Stage 4 SOLD Dark Crystal Set +6 unsealed Santa's Cloak Karmian Set +6 Staff Of Life +6 + Iss Stage 8 Characters: Storm Screamer lv 78 [Scrolls to go lv 79 8% + 40 million SP + 14 days of Epics lv3 from missions] Shillien Elder lv 78 Prophet lv 57 (skill from 58) Warcryer lv 49 (comes with Chant of Vamipre, Movement,Fury,
  7. Baium sold. 2x Ant queen left. 300kk each.
  8. If you read the topic, u will see that you have to send me one offer via PM..Last day today of accepting offer cause i have potential buyer offering good stuff and he doesnt want to wait anymore. So if u have any interest pls send offer to my pm box.
  9. Hello, im selling: *Queen Ant's Ring Lv 1* *Queen Ant's Ring Lv 1* Send me your offer in PM here on forum: WTS for EUR, accept paypal. You can use middle man, you pay his fee. WTT for top items + adena.
  10. As tittle says, Im buying adena on Skelth, 500kk, best offer wins. send me a pm with ur offer if you are a trusted member here.
  11. Hello! WTB adenas in skelth for 0.5 eur. Im buying minimum 100kk. Or send me your offer. Via paypal, i pay the fee. Only tursted sellers pls. Thank you very much!