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  1. 2 months in queue and no update...
  2. StinkyMadness is a great guy! I recommend him 100% He is very skilled and cool! you will enjoy him! I will buy from him again!
  3. WTB Portuguese speaker

    I speak portuguese, and I have also worked as an english teacher some years ago. tiagovecc is my skype, feel free to contact me. edit: I am fluent in spanish as well, in case you need it.
  4. If you delete the file variationeffectgrp-e.dat from ur system folder, all the augment effects will disepear.
  5. Good evening people, I want to use the following retail message, that is located inside the retail html line: <a action="bypass -h Quest HeroWeapon 6611" msg="1484;">Infinity Blade (Captain's Sword)</a> I modified the link and turned it into a button, but the msg="1484;" stoped showing up: <button value="Hero Sword" action="bypass -h Quest HeroWeapon 6611" msg="1484;" width=134 height=21 back="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3_over" fore="L2UI_ch3.BigButton3"> The button works fine, just no message poping up. Is it even possible to use the message in a button, intead of the normal blue line link?
  6. I already sent you a message in rawr forum with my skype name and info, but you didnt reply. Also sent via skype where you send the updated files. Since its been one month or more, I want to know if you forgot about me or if its normal this delay (cause the other times it was fast). You could reply on your forum to avoid using mxc forum for this. Thx
  7. im waiting more than one month for private customer update and no response in skype/forum, other customers are having this problem too?
  8. You are probably one of those stupid ppl irl who pay for stuff they are not supposed to, just because they think that agreeing with ToS or clicking "I agree" magically turns everything in there a law. Thats how Banks make money, from ppl like you. Come one ppl you have got to have any experience with adult life. Its not 2007 anymore!
  9. Bitch please, ur asshole must be jealous of your fingers by now. Ignorance is bliss Mr. Google lawyer. Reading all the stuff u wrote above I wont even try to educate you. If it will make you feel better: ok u are right. ROFL!
  10. You guys think that just because it is a ToS, everything in there is legal/or can be used in a law suit? Or just because I make a private contract with somebody saying that if the other party break any clause he is supposed to pay me with his kidney? that is the same shit. Clearly nobody here has any knowledge of law. I can make a ToS with WHATEVER I want in it. It doesnt mean it can be used legally just because the other party agreed. ROFL ToS this, ToS that bla bla bla You ppl live in caves or what? Have you never had any problem with a Bank for example? Banks are champions in making contracts with illegal clauses, and the moment they are taken to court the whole contract is deemed null. And by illegal clause I dont mean something that even a blind guy could see. There are so many things that can be nullified in court, you ppl have no ideia, not even in a million years.
  11. Thx Sweets and Evie Frye. I will keep trying =)
  12. thx for the reply Melron. but im not sure if I understood what you mean. Can you be more detailed pls?
  13. Hello! I have a custom feature to change a player's base class. So in order to not mess the olympiad, when a player changes his baseclass, a statement is executed to reset his fights/points. The db is updated correctly, but back in game, if I restart the char and use /olympiadstat, I still have the old points/fights. I saw in other servers that this info is updated instantly. How can I do it instantly too? atm this is what Im running: // Reset olympiad data for this player. statement = con.prepareStatement("UPDATE olympiad_nobles SET class_id=?, olympiad_points=?, competitions_done=?, competitions_won=?, competitions_lost=?, competitions_drawn=? WHERE char_Id=?"); statement.setInt(1, player.getClassId().getId()); statement.setInt(2, 18); statement.setInt(3, 0); statement.setInt(4, 0); statement.setInt(5, 0); statement.setInt(6, 0); statement.setInt(7, player.getObjectId()); statement.execute(); statement.close(); Any help is welcome!
  14. Hello there. I have some doubts about the sieges, and my memory is not helping me. Acordding to the retail siege videos on youtube, skills can be used on gates/doors during siege, but I would like to know if magical/physical skills can deal Damage to castle Gates/doors. They can be used, but can a gate actually be destroyed only by a mage pt, for example?