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  1. Do you have Brazilians playing with you?
  2. So! I have not been playing l2 for a while, but I bought a new computer and I'm thinking of playing some server. I would like to know if this interface has a problem with fps or any other problem related to performance loss?
  3. @Iordanov @Celestine Even files on both links. Why its separated as old and updated?
  4. @Iordanov or @Celestine Can either of you guys upload the updated patch again? Because this link is asking for premium access to be able to download : https://uploadfiles.io/knqba Thx!
  5. I think he's looking for some protection that blocks these custom interfaces. Right?!
  6. I like so much the last one! Thx for one more amazing share @Celestine
  7. Congratulations on your honesty in saying you have 215 players online. Unlike most current servers that don't have 1k of players and put on the site that has 5k of players.
  8. What is the point of forcing someone to write an answer to see content?
  9. Still missing how to increase limits and mysql optimization.
  10. Why Orfen/Core/Tezza have a different background color?
  11. http://acis.i-live.eu/index.php?topic=8336.0
  12. + @Override + protected void onEnter(L2Character character) + { + if (character instanceof L2PcInstance) + { + // Set pvp flag + ((L2PcInstance) character).stopPvPFlag(); + ((L2PcInstance) character).setPvpFlag(1); + ((L2PcInstance) character).sendPacket(new SystemMessage(SystemMessageId.ENTERED_COMBAT_ZONE)); + ((L2PcInstance) character).broadcastUserInfo(); + if((character instanceof L2PlayableInstance && _target.equalsIgnoreCase("pc") || character instanceof L2PcInstance && _target.equalsIgnoreCase("pc_
  13. Change: if (ClanTable.getClanByName(_name) != null) to: if (ClanTable.getInstance().getClanByName(_name) != null)
  14. Which distro are you using? (centOS, ubuntu, debian ...)