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  1. I'm using aCis 340. Can anyone explain me how to enable the players to attack walls and doors of the castles with skills while in siege? In the moment walls can only be attacked by summon siege. But apart from the fact of not being able to attack the walls. Also can not attack the doors. Only with basic attack.
  2. Maybe it can help U ! http://pastebin.com/GPnzxEa5 Credits by Bluur (L2jBrasil)
  3. So gl to those who will be using. At your own risk.
  4. http://www.2-spyware.com/file-wextract-exe.html :you serious?:
  5. ... or u can share ur bypass working again. :happyforever:
  6. Szakalaka can u share host side files?
  7. What's better ? Akumu's, Ceriel or Depmax64 ?!
  8. You sold this bypass. Why decided to release it for free now? Anyway! Rly thx for share ! +1 rep
  9. Can u put all features of ur pack? Add on skype: diego.bezner Thx a lot !