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  1. Very good, did you solve this problem? https://imgur.com/a/POmUy7O
  2. Hello, I want your work, is it still active?
  3. Would not ip be mocking? would not have to check for whid?
  4. I use interlude acis I think I got your idea.
  5. A identificação máxima sobe para 36.000 , na verdade, são alguns números encantadores.
  6. Yes I have some protections that work with whid would you have those lines?
  7. I'm looking for someone reliable, who has a mod that I do not know the name, but I'll explain The mod consists of only 1 character per computer receiving items from monsters, avoiding bots. Paypal payment IMG https://imgur.com/Tuqx5IJ
  8. I have a problem, the party side goes black https://imgur.com/4t2Afsp help ?