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  1. there is nothing for free my friend... who said anything about working for free? there will be payments ofc, depending on the work done.
  2. Well.. I'm sorry but i don't have the time to argue about small things, so I'm just gonna ignore some parts from what you said here. We are a team working on "High Five" Med rates server and we are looking for Java Dev (other knowledge is a plus) to help us edit/create/manipulate Java files in the server and to help in creating/adapting features (normal features, its not PVP server). Everyone is responsible and specialized in different area than others. I can do everything in art creation, 3D modeling, and Photoshop editing/designing. the reason we are looking for a Developer coz our Developer left the team to work in his own projects (software development).
  3. Can you please introduce them to me? I'm looking for suggestions about experienced Developers. Thanks.
  4. So from what i understand from you... you think we don't know anything about the game? and our development budget is around 10-20 euro?? fyi i was playing L2 from 2007... and I'm familiar with all details. We are working on a big project since the beginning of 2019 using best paid sources available and we were paying rent for top of the line server ,with protection ofc, for the past 7 months and we still working on it... why? coz we are checking all the details in files, skills, classes, quests.... etc. Next time don't just come and assume that maybe we are joking or scamming, and paying around 10-20 euro for your services.... unless your services worth that much in your opinion... We're still accepting offers. Thanks and Regards.
  5. hello Im looking for experienced developer who can work for my project work needed: editing source and add extra features that I need Please do not ask me about exact needed work (that will be after) describe your experince in L2 server development and if possible projects that you have done or recommend good developer for me :) PM me or reply here