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  1. I am interesting but i don't want to play a game that i can't understand nothing from the story xD
  2. Δεν ήξερα! Τώρα θα επανορθωσω... Μέχρι και χρόνια πολλά μου είπε ο γλυκούλης μου μωρέ...
  3. Και εγώ μωρέ κάθομαι και του κάνω warning έλα μωρέ... Γούστου γούστου τι τραβάει...
  4. Περιμενω να το δω αυτό
  5. Όλα τα shared packs έχουν κάποια bugs το acis έχει σίγουρα τα λιγότερα όντας και το πιο άδειο η αλήθεια είναι
  6. You can also copy an existed quest and remake it as you want with the npc rewards etc you like.. It's easy to modify a quest at frozen
  7. Make us understand what you want mate.. Well you want the players get the max level they can get by their level with just one click or the max level of skill instantly from level 1?
  8. There are a lot of codes that make it in real time.. This is just a way but yes I agree with that, real time balancers are more faster than this is.. Anyway its a very nice share mate thanks
  9. Please read the rules before making new thread.. You have 24 hours to fix this
  10. If you want to bump your threat use the bump button! Please read the rules before posting