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  1. You have a very good talent mate, to be truth i envy you ! Your talent is that you are doing shits you are scamming/flaming/trolling people and you can persuade some people that you don't! Noone said that all other people are angels but i can say surely that you are the person i've been more involved since the day i became mod and this is not because i don't like your face or whatever! If it was at my hand i won't let you login in this forum never again! Also i don't know if me and the other mods deserve GMOD potition but i am sure that you deserve perma ban from this forum years ago! Also you have to say thx to Maxtor and not make irony with him, he has the power to calm all other staff members and he did it ! This forum is ALL YOUR LIFE and we both know it, so end your idiot excuses and say a thanks to him!
  2. You have 24 hours to change your topic title! Add Java or OFF prefix
  3. Yeah i think that i can take it from Interlude but i don't know the name of the file
  4. Hey there! I'd like your support plix plox :D I miss all the textures of Clan Halls at Rune and i see them like this: https://prnt.sc/qefhpn Also it doesn't appears the Base
  5. Hey guys! We are an old clan from Lineage 2 Elite and we just came back to our base! If you are old player of L2Elite you know about our clan if not you should learn! :D We are looking for active people who wants to play us and our ally (GodBlessed ally is back also!) Pm here for more informations !
  6. I am interesting but i don't want to play a game that i can't understand nothing from the story xD
  7. Δεν ήξερα! Τώρα θα επανορθωσω... Μέχρι και χρόνια πολλά μου είπε ο γλυκούλης μου μωρέ...
  8. Και εγώ μωρέ κάθομαι και του κάνω warning έλα μωρέ... Γούστου γούστου τι τραβάει...
  9. Περιμενω να το δω αυτό
  10. Όλα τα shared packs έχουν κάποια bugs το acis έχει σίγουρα τα λιγότερα όντας και το πιο άδειο η αλήθεια είναι
  11. You can also copy an existed quest and remake it as you want with the npc rewards etc you like.. It's easy to modify a quest at frozen