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  1. @Red-Hair-Shanks vristona to pousti
  2. Hey Elfo , what's the logic on this authentication? If credentials are correct then send the API key to the client? And all authorization is possible via this simple unique API key? Just asking, because never worked with that kind of auth. (I know JWT for example , maybe I confused things somewhere)
  3. Thank you a lot for that. That's what I was searching. I have one question L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().connection.use { con -> val statement = con.prepareStatement(SqlQueries.GetAllPlayers) val resultSet = statement.executeQuery() var player: PlayerResponse? = null if (resultSet.next()) { val id = resultSet.getInt("obj_Id") val name = resultSet.getString("char_name") val level = resultSet.getInt("level") val isOnline = resultSet.getInt("online") == 1 val pvpKills = resultSet.getInt("pvpkills") val pkKills = resultSet.getInt("pkkills") val isNobless = resultSet.getInt("nobless") == 1 player = PlayerResponse(id, name, level, isOnline, pvpKills, pkKills, isNobless) Wouldn't be better to take these infos from the player object itself for example?(if player is online) So it would be real time , because database values are not always real time on L2J due to delay of updating. This specific feature may isn't the best example to what I mean actually but propably you got the point. Also practically could we extend this to create token authentication and the ACP(or whatever) to just be a cool SPA with front end framework(react,vue,etc)?
  4. I got my first job as a snowman for real.

  5. δεν εισαι καλα μαγκα μου , λιγο καιρο σε αφησα και βλεπω που επεσες.
  6. What project are you using? I have almost 2 years to touch L2J or even Java. The general idea is that you save the character's HWID and character obj ID on a map. When someone kills a monster you check the map , and if HWID is the same but character obj ID is not the same, then do not give reward. I will not install all things for just create this now , but if you got the idea and I can create it easily if I had the source in front of me.
  7. Do you have access on your players HWID from any external source like Smartguard, etc? If yes it is just some lines of code.