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  1. Hello, I will start explanation immediately. You all know that Top pvp doesn't mean Top player, right? Who is the best to 'judge' it? Players of course. So players can vote for the best of the server ( God ) , and every week the period ends. The player who has the most votes is the God of the server till period ends! In every period God is changed (unless current God has again the most votes). Every period ends at Sunday 00:01:00. (it's a cool time for that :P ). I will appreciate it if I see it in any server online around because it has sense as a feature , read my first 'question' of explanation again :P Must Read: You can vote offline players of course You cannot vote yourself ( lol ) You vote once in every period! You can see current ranking All can see who is the server's god in the God Manager All can see time remaining till period ends. There is //end_god admin command to end it manually (for every reason) No case sensitive in 'vote a player' textfield ADDED IP PROTECTION. God Manager is updating every 30 seconds! In next version updates (very very soon): Some basic god functions ( like announcements when login, hero , etc. It's the easiest part ! ) Watch this in HD full screen Code: http://pastebin.com/ERp6wsU0 For any bugs: geo.lioy (skype)