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  2. it went off after second day still stays off hope we get some new info
  3. I see about bruteforcing it, but isn't there any trick? Doesn't the <30% frenzy run out eventually or something?
  4. Hi people,add these two codes, but my problem is as follows, he could fix the error of atk spd. It only appears when changing from weapon to weapon, for example the bow is equipped, they attack, and they change to a blade and the bug is executed. What I need is that when there is a weapon exchange, it has a certain hit delay.I have flood protector for movements,only this bug remains.I use jfrozen. useitem.java //Eliminando Bug Attack Speed if (item.isEquipped()) { activeChar.abortAttack(); //AGREGAR UN DELAY QUE FUNCIONE } //Eliminado Bug de Attack Speed if (activeChar.isAttackingNow()) { return; }
  5. Draco set tt sets draco bows +3 focus and much more pm on forum, only paypal, im not going 1st. trusted seller.
  6. L2 WarFare After more than 1 year working hard L2 WarFare brings you a sample of what our official server will be, we are pleased to invite you to be part of this closed beta in which you can test everything from the server, our ideal is to make a server to Our players' taste which has the right balance and is not like the typical server that die soon, we look for a server that can last for many years, that's why we want to invite you old players of l2, clan leaders, community lover of the l2. who speaks to you is a veteran player of l2 who started on c3 and together with a staff of programmers and former players we want to bring you a server that you can say ... I finally found a server in which I will be able to spend pleasant moments with my friends. We hope to have the participation of all you dear players of Lineage 2 and at the same time in our forum in which we will put different pools so that together we can choose the best rates of the server and give our community a space to play at ease. without more to add we expect them. Web: l2.wf/ Forum: https://forum.l2.wf/
  7. WTS Storm Screamer lvl 85 TOI 6, Nebula +8, Desparion staff +9, cloak, DC robe +6, agation braclet lvl 4, branclet of duty lvl 5, broch lvl 2, shaphir lvl 4 garnet lvl 3 and jade lvl 3 hat with stats +1 int +1str and more for more info pm me
  8. I cant, im so excited brother.
  9. WTS good items on L2Lionna x15 Classic - DC Robe +10 SET - MJ Robe +6 SET - Daimon Crystal +8 Anakim lvl 9 YUL 13 - Baium Talisman - LVL 85 - Cloak - Nebula's Necklace +10 - Hat INT +1 - Brooch lvl 4 - Bracelet of Duty - lvl 6 PM ME !!! - 300E
  10. the only kid and mad person here is you, seems no one else cares about you and your topic and the shit servers you are playing, get a life and move over. must be 100% retarded to donate 300 euro in private servers in 2019. good thing they banned you, people like u shouldnt be able to play
  11. and if you dont give a shit why you comment? hahah.. so you give a shit kiddo ;) .. go rage now in real life and let pc life behind you... it makes you mad
  12. Use bump button to bring your topic back to top.
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