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L2JFrozen 1.5

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(#) JAVA 8

(#) MySQL / MariaDB


(#) HikariCP ( Database Pool )


[EN]- This project is based on revision 1132 , the revision counter has been "restarted" because I do not have the authority to manipulate the repository of the original project ( L2jFrozen 1.0), therefore, I found myself in need of using revision 1132 as a base, I made a copy and returned it to the internet (SVN repository). 


[ES]-  Este proyecto esta basado en la revisión 1132  , el contador de revisiones se ha "reiniciado" debido que no tengo la autoridad para manipular el repositorio del proyecto original (L2jFrozen 1.0), por tanto, me vi en la necesidad de utilizar como base la revisión 1132, hice una copia y lo volví a subir a Internet (repositorio SVN). 


[PT]- eu projeto é baseado na revisão 1132 , o contador de revisão foi "reiniciado" porque eu não tenho a autoridade para manipular o repositório do projeto original ( L2jFrozen 1.0), portanto, encontrei-me na necessidade de usar a revisão 1132 como base, fiz uma cópia e retornei para a internet (repositório SVN). 


















[EN]- Do you want to help reynaldo? , the project is free but your effort deserves to be valued. a donation will help you to continue with this project and with more desire.


[ES]-  quieres ayudar a reynaldo ? , el proyecto es gratis pero su esfuerzo merece ser valorado. una donacion lo ayudara a continuar con este proyecto y con mas ganas. 


[PT]- Você quer ajudar o reynaldo? , o projeto é gratuito, mas seu esforço merece ser valorizado. uma doação irá ajudá-lo a continuar com este projeto e com mais vontade.









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The performance of HikariCP didn't confirmed. Better update sources up to Java 11 and external communication libraries. It will better for starting new era of L2J Frozen.

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10 hours ago, Pastorious said:

Why people choose old Frozen over aCis, old Lucera or Essence?


They got used to it because it came with tons of customs at that time.

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Not sure why you keep speaking spanish everywhere Reynaldo (even on your tutorials, there is no subtitles in english), you cut yourself from a lot of people.


I personally don't care, since I can read / hear it decently, but for other communities like RU or GR (and probably BR ?), I think you shoot yourself an arrow in the knee.


Not sure also you got the "right" to use L2JFrozen name, or than Shyla/Nefer allowed it. I know it's marketing, but it's generally bad seen (even for live server name).


Good luck nonetheless, I hope you're motivated ! :)

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3 hours ago, Elfocrash said:

Ofc it is confirmed. It’s confirmed by projects with way more intense db traffic than l2j and there are plenty of blogs and benchmarks to run that prove it. I also used it in prob in 3 l2 servers I worked with that peaked at more than 400 players and the numbers were always at least 10 times better than with c3p0. C3p0 is an abandoned project all together.


You can read more on why people fail to measure performance different here https://github.com/brettwooldridge/HikariCP/wiki/"My-benchmark-doesn't-show-a-difference."


I'm sorry but you as English man must have more understand of main fault the HikariCP author's benchmark.




Read comments and you will know where author was wrong. Russian community have many questions for him benchmart and what he measure.



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2 minutes ago, Elfocrash said:

I am not talking about benchmarks from the author. I am talking about benchmarks from third parties, huge companies I have worked with and also myself. On top of that my private pack which is an acis fork collects metrics for all IO operations and dumps them in grafana. 

You link a post from 2015. Show us your own research. Your own numbers.


c3p0 has been dead for years now. Tomcat was the standard for a while but now HikariCP is the standard across all jvm development.


You know it is the best because the best and most used Java web framework, Spring 2, is using it as their default connection pool (Spring 1 was using tomcat). Companies like Netflix, intuit, Okta (just to name few) with tens of thousands of tps are using it for a reason. Nobody, except legacy software, is using c3p0.


Those are just facts. You can tell yourself whatever lie you want but you are just wrong.


99% developers uses HikariCP because this project still in developing mode ONLY or follows positive feedbacks from people like you. c3p0 is out dated.


Do you have the 146% proofs of the superiority of HikariCP on other pool managers in real-world tasks, and not synthetic tests checking it is unclear what?

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2 minutes ago, Elfocrash said:

Again that’s just not true. There are real world cases but tens of companies (like the ones I mentioned) and people that publicly say why it’s the best one right now. 


Just as an example here: https://stackshare.io/spring

every single company listed there is using Spring which means they are using almost certainly Hikari since it’s the default. Are you seriously debating that people that use the most used java web framework don’t have apps in production or that they don’t want the best for their system? Get out of here.


Your knowledge, like many of your peers in this forum, is just very very outdated.


Thats all from me. I gave your enough info to do your own research.




Spring isn't quick framework. Sorry. HikariCP don't maked him fastest. Why?

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1 minute ago, Elfocrash said:

Are you seriously comparing the performance of microframeworks will a full fledged web framework? What a joker.


It's all what you can says in arguments for my proof? Thanks for your time, so.

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15 minutes ago, Rootware said:


It's all what you can says in arguments for my proof? Thanks for your time, so.

That’s what you call proof? I guess you don’t do programming for a living.


The single request response times with a single db query for microframeworks and full web frameworks with a combination of different databases such as postgres and MySQL with no proof that a cp is configured to be used is what you call proof? On top of that the Spring framework in this example is configured to work with Postgres not MySQL and there is no clarity on which cp is used or how it’s configured. ALSO you can see that the leading Microframeworks have better performance because: 


1. They are not using an ORM and they are executing their DB queries raw so OFC they will have optimal performance

2. They have the 1/1000 of the codebase that Spring has and they can do a very limited amount of things.


i also find it very funny that you choose to know single query (which doesn’t even make sense for the CP) and not multiple because in multiple is the top most performing full web framework. 


Seriously i am wasting my time with this joker. I would be ashamed if I were you.

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