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Sharing about 50gb of stuff related to L2OFF developing. Some of those hard to find, others vanished off the internet. I want to make an archive of everything I can on this mega folder for historical and educational reasons. Some highlights include:


Windows Server 2003 x86 & x64 with latest service pack and updates

Windows Server 2008 x64 with latest service pack and updates

SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 with the latest service packs and updates

Visual Studio 2005 Professional with latest service pack and updates

C1/C4 AI (de)compilers

Unicode chat dlls

fixed L2FileEdit to work with Grand Crusade

Beta(?)/Prelude L2Server pack (not sure 100% which of the two)

Postpacific forum archive




This is a text listing of the whole thing at the moment:



--------L2 Stuff (folder)
----------------[Eressea] Shares -Mirror- (folder)
------------------------ai.obj.bz2 (3.89 MB)
------------------------ai.tar.bz2 (1306.57 KB)
------------------------fixed D3DDrv.rar (467.29 KB)
------------------------Multi IP hAuthd.rar (292.60 KB)
----------------Client modding (folder)
------------------------Chat [Fyyre] (folder)
--------------------------------C2-C6 Unicode Chat.rar (14.64 KB)
--------------------------------ct2_unicode.rar (3.22 MB)
--------------------------------ct2pt4_unichat.rar (61.91 KB)
--------------------------------ct15_unicode.rar (2.52 MB)
--------------------------------unichat_highfive.rar (297.21 KB)
------------------------FileEdit (folder)
--------------------------------L2FileEdit-GC [miko].rar (4.59 MB)
------------------------Geodata (folder)
--------------------------------hdge_1.07b.7z (893.98 KB)
------------------------Graphics (folder)
--------------------------------ActorX_All(2012-2016).zip (2.77 MB)
--------------------------------ActorXImporter.zip (20.36 KB)
--------------------------------dds2tga.zip (101.88 KB)
--------------------------------gc3.zip (200.06 KB)
--------------------------------L2 View UTX.rar (345.05 KB)
--------------------------------l2decrypt+l2tool.zip (2.02 MB)
--------------------------------L2pe-2.4.0 [acmi].exe (42.75 MB)
--------------------------------L2smr-1.6.0 [acmi].exe (44.12 MB)
--------------------------------L2tool [acmi].exe (41.65 MB)
--------------------------------l2tool.zip (61.58 KB)
--------------------------------l2toolo.zip (30.44 KB)
--------------------------------L2UKX.rar (463.82 KB)
--------------------------------l2utxfixer.rar (249.73 KB)
--------------------------------L2ViewUTX.rar (491.37 KB)
--------------------------------lineageIIraw2obj.rar (19.12 KB)
--------------------------------OAUKX_C6.rar (132.86 KB)
--------------------------------OAUKX_C7.rar (132.86 KB)
--------------------------------PostED (portable).exe (5.59 MB)
--------------------------------SkelEdit.rar (2.42 MB)
--------------------------------UE2Runtime-22261903.exe (13.46 MB)
--------------------------------UE-Explorer- (1279.82 KB)
--------------------------------Umodel.rar (458.50 KB)
--------------------------------umodel_win32 (29 09 15).zip (580.98 KB)
--------------------------------umodel_win32 (latest).zip (648.54 KB)
--------------------------------unrealeditorpostaliirepaked.zip (24.42 MB)
--------------------------------UT2004.rar (48.39 MB)
--------------------------------utpt20beta5.zip (1589.06 KB)
--------------------------------UTPT.exe (3.60 MB)
--------------------------------WOTgrealExporter.7z (734.20 KB)
--------------------------------XdatEditor-1.3.8 [acmi].exe (54.25 MB)
----------------L2OFF Extender Sources (folder)
------------------------L2Extend (1-6-2009) [fred].7z (153.41 KB)
------------------------L2Extend (1-6-2011) [fr3dBR].rar (592.09 KB)
------------------------L2shrine extender (1-1-2018).zip (1875.43 KB)
------------------------L2shrine extender (19-6-2018).zip (2041.91 KB)
------------------------OSIE-GF (2-11-2013).zip (321.43 KB)
------------------------vanganth source [maxcheaters].rar (16.67 MB)
----------------L2OFF Packs (folder)
------------------------C0 (folder)
--------------------------------Prelude +system [l2j-world].rar (9.01 MB)
--------------------------------Pts_Lineage2_Prelude [vlemon].rar (8.79 MB)
------------------------C1 (folder)
--------------------------------l2c1x1 (folder)
---------------------------------------- (95.57 MB)
---------------------------------------- (20.94 KB)
---------------------------------------- (399.61 KB)
---------------------------------------- (246.55 KB)
--------------------------------SINA (folder)
----------------------------------------html_c1_eng.zip (3.81 MB)
----------------------------------------LineageII_sina_serverC1.rar (173.81 MB)
----------------------------------------System.rar (5.94 MB)
--------------------------------C1 modded C6 +source [smeli].rar (25.96 MB)
--------------------------------C1 sup. Gracia Client +source [smeli].rar (213.33 MB)
--------------------------------C1_CHN_Server_20040604.rar (170.95 MB)
--------------------------------Postpacific C1 (www.postpacific.com_L2Community_v1.0).rar (212.38 MB)
------------------------C2 (folder)
--------------------------------ProjectC2-Beta3-Final.rar (177.69 MB)
--------------------------------ProjectC2-Beta4.rar (176.27 MB)
------------------------C3 (folder)
--------------------------------c3_7.rar (144.40 MB)
--------------------------------c3project_lw_december_2005.rar (174.44 MB)
--------------------------------projectC3_with_private_scripts.rar (194.10 MB)
------------------------C4 (folder)
--------------------------------Postpacific C4.7z (75.01 MB)
--------------------------------RaGEZONE_Official_C4_Pack_Live.rar (145.74 MB)
------------------------C5 (folder)
--------------------------------C5from99nets.rar (19.37 MB)
--------------------------------GeoDataC5.exe (161.10 MB)
--------------------------------L2 Releases C5 OFF Server Files x64 (no geodata).exe (14.35 MB)
------------------------C6 (folder)
--------------------------------SVN-Vanganth_IT_last [maxcheaters].zip (237.66 MB)
------------------------CT1.5 (folder)
--------------------------------coep-HellBound.tar.gz (210.64 MB)
--------------------------------L2OFF Hellbound x64 wambax.rar (206.62 MB)
--------------------------------pathnode hb.rar (148.57 MB)
------------------------CT2+ (folder)
--------------------------------CT2.2 AmpeDx64.rar (23.57 MB)
--------------------------------l2_off_gracia_final_euro.rar (361.42 MB)
--------------------------------l2server_l2off_gracia_final_83.7z (241.16 MB)
--------------------------------l2server_l2off_gracia_final_83_scripts_fixed.rar (14.32 MB)
------------------------PTS Script packs (folder)
--------------------------------PTS script Freya.zip (19.95 MB)
--------------------------------PTS script Glory Days.rar (12.96 MB)
--------------------------------PTS script Gracia Final.rar (4.81 MB)
--------------------------------PTS script High Five 4.rar (5.59 MB)
--------------------------------PTS script High Five.rar (5.47 MB)
----------------L2OFF Tools (folder)
------------------------AI (de)compilers (folder)
--------------------------------AI compiler C0 [NCSOFT].rar (902.97 KB)
--------------------------------AI compiler C1 [kvoxi].rar (904.03 KB)
--------------------------------AI compiler C4 [sauron].rar (1011.85 KB)
--------------------------------AI compiler GF [Eressea].zip (2.73 MB)
--------------------------------AI decompiler C1 [HumorDwarf].rar (371.50 KB)
--------------------------------AI decompiler C4 [Lightmare].rar (524.82 KB)
--------------------------------AI decompiler C4 [Saul].rar (1706.47 KB)
------------------------Function lists (folder)
--------------------------------C4 Function List.txt (477.52 KB)
--------------------------------GF_func_lists.zip (211.62 KB)
------------------------GM ingame book [hel].rar (247.29 KB)
------------------------hAuthD [hint].zip (918.19 KB)
------------------------L2ChatLogParser.zip (701.37 KB)
------------------------L2Tools_1.4 (datakey).rar (35.39 MB)
------------------------L2Tools_1.6 (blackbombay).rar (48.11 MB)
----------------various (folder)
------------------------l2mega-informer_High_Five_rev_1.5.7z (49.17 MB)
------------------------l2oggpatcher_101.zip (6.60 KB)
------------------------post_pacific_backup [smeli].7z (8.57 MB)
--------M1cr0$0ft VL Activator (folder)
----------------KMSpico Portable.rar (3.81 MB)
----------------KMSpico_setup.exe (3.08 MB)
--------SQL Server (folder)
----------------SQL Server 2005 Enterprise x86-x64 +SP4 +Updates (folder)
------------------------SQL Server 2005 Enterprise x64 +SP4 +Updates (folder)
--------------------------------SP4 (folder)
----------------------------------------en_sql_server_2005_service_pack_4_x64.exe (374.70 MB)
--------------------------------Updates (folder)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2005-KB2494120-x64-ENU.exe (23.75 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2005-KB2494123-x64-ENU.exe (258.68 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2005-KB2716427-x64-ENU.exe (258.98 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2005-KB2716429-x64-ENU.exe (32.35 MB)
--------------------------------en_sql_2005_ent_x64_dvd.iso (935.43 MB)
------------------------SQL Server 2005 Enterprise x86 +SP4 +Updates (folder)
--------------------------------SP4 (folder)
----------------------------------------en_sql_server_2005_service_pack_4_x86.exe (323.20 MB)
--------------------------------Updates (folder)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2005-KB2494120-x86-ENU.exe (18.39 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2005-KB2494123-x86-ENU.exe (199.54 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2005-KB2716427-x86-ENU.exe (199.81 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2005-KB2716429-x86-ENU.exe (27.08 MB)
--------------------------------en_sql_2005_ent_x86_dvd.iso (890.97 MB)
------------------------SQL Server 2005 keys.txt (206.00 B)
----------------SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise x86-x64 +SP3 +Updates (folder)
------------------------SP3 (folder)
--------------------------------en_sql_server_2008_r2_service_pack_3_x86_x64_dvd_5599878.iso (605.63 MB)
------------------------Updates (folder)
--------------------------------x64 (folder)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2008R2-KB3045314-x64.exe (58.29 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2008R2-KB3045316-x64.exe (58.35 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2008R2-KB4057113-x64.exe (265.14 MB)
--------------------------------x86 (folder)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2008R2-KB3045314-x86.exe (43.40 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2008R2-KB3045316-x86.exe (43.37 MB)
----------------------------------------SQLServer2008R2-KB4057113-x86.exe (167.35 MB)
------------------------en_sql_server_2008_r2_enterprise_x86_x64_ia64_dvd_520517.iso (4.08 GB)
------------------------SQL Server 2008 R2 keys.txt (610.00 B)
----------------SQL Server 2012 R2 Enterprise x64 SP3 +SP4 +Updates (folder)
------------------------SP4 (folder)
--------------------------------SQLServer2012SP4-KB4018073-x64-ENU.exe (1024.62 MB)
------------------------Updates (folder)
--------------------------------SQLServer2012-KB4057116-x64.exe (671.79 MB)
------------------------en_sql_server_2012_enterprise_edition_with_service_pack_3_x64_dvd_7286819.iso (3.74 GB)
------------------------SQL Server 2012 keys.txt (245.00 B)
--------Visual Studio (folder)
----------------Visual Studio 2005 Professional +SP1 +Updates (folder)
------------------------SP1 (folder)
--------------------------------VS80sp1-KB926601-X86-ENU.exe (431.67 MB)
------------------------Updates (folder)
--------------------------------VS80sp1-KB932232-X86-ENU.exe (28.92 MB)
--------------------------------VS80sp1-KB954961-X86-INTL.exe (12.19 MB)
------------------------en_vs_2005_pro_dvd.iso (2.69 GB)
------------------------Visual Studio 2005 Professional key.txt (29.00 B)
----------------Visual Studio 2008 Professional +SP1 (folder)
------------------------SP1 (folder)
--------------------------------VS2008SP1ENUX1512962.iso (831.32 MB)
------------------------en_visual_studio_2008_professional_x86_dvd_x14-26326.iso (3.31 GB)
------------------------Visual Studio 2008 Professional keys.txt (122.00 B)
----------------Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate +SP1 (folder)
------------------------SP1 (folder)
--------------------------------mu_visual_studio_2010_sp1_x86_dvd_651704.iso (1518.57 MB)
------------------------en_visual_studio_2010_ultimate_x86_dvd_509116.iso (2.28 GB)
------------------------Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate key.txt (25.00 B)
----------------Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate UPD5 (folder)
------------------------en_visual_studio_ultimate_2013_with_update_5_x86_dvd_6815896.iso (4.82 GB)
------------------------Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate key.txt (29.00 B)
--------Windows Server (folder)
----------------Windows Server 2003 R2 x86-x64 SP2 (folder)
------------------------Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64 SP2 (folder)
--------------------------------Offline Updates ISO (folder)
----------------------------------------wsusoffline-w2k3-x64-enu.iso (1339.76 MB)
--------------------------------en_win_srv_2003_r2_enterprise_x64_with_sp2_vl_cd1_x13-48614.iso (623.76 MB)
--------------------------------en_win_srv_2003_r2_enterprise_x64_with_sp2_vl_cd2_x13-68588.iso (167.04 MB)
--------------------------------Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 SP2 keys.txt (246.00 B)
------------------------Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x86 SP2 (folder)
--------------------------------Offline Updates ISO (folder)
----------------------------------------wsusoffline-w2k3-enu.iso (859.85 MB)
--------------------------------en_win_srv_2003_r2_enterprise_with_sp2_vl_cd1_x13-48610.iso (595.59 MB)
--------------------------------en_win_srv_2003_r2_enterprise_with_sp2_vl_cd2_x13-68584.iso (121.41 MB)
--------------------------------Windows Server 2003 R2 x86 SP2 keys.txt (253.00 B)
----------------Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 SP1 +Updates (folder)
------------------------Updates (folder)
--------------------------------Windows6.1-KB3020369-x64.msu (9.13 MB)
--------------------------------windows6.1-kb3125574-v4-x64_2dafb1d203c8964239af3048b5dd4b1264cd93b9.msu (476.88 MB)
------------------------en_windows_server_2008_r2_with_sp1_vl_build_x64_dvd_617403.iso (2.95 GB)
------------------------Windows Server 2008 R2 keys.txt (125.00 B)
----------------Windows Server 2012 R2 X64 UPD1 +Updates (folder)
------------------------Updates (folder)
--------------------------------Windows8.1-KB3172614-x64.msu (102.38 MB)
------------------------en_windows_server_2012_r2_vl_with_update_x64_dvd_6052766.iso (5.03 GB)
------------------------Windows Server 2012 R2 keys.txt (125.00 B)


All the windows server/sql server/visual studio ISOs and EXEs are directly from M$DN or M$ Download Center. To the best of my knowledge they are untouched and completely genuine, you can check their SHA1 hash with online catalogs to be sure, but if you find something off, PM me and I will fix it. I tried to find VL (Volume License) versions of anything I could so that they will be 100% compatible with KMS activation tools. The correct order of installing is Application->Service Pack->Updates except if a specific update is needed for the SP to install, iirc the only case is VS2005 SP1 on Vista. There is a text file inside each folder for the serial if needed during install. There is also an activator on the root folder for the windows server OSs.


If someone has anything else that would make a good addition to this pack, please PM me or post here so I can include it. I am particularly looking for old shares, like untouched leaks of Beta/C0/C1/C4 and anything pre-2010 that is inside broken links nowadays.


PS: for archives that are password protected, the pass is inside the parentheses in the filename itself.


Finally I have to say I take no credit for anything here, just sharing stuff. A big thanks to all the original sharers, I tried to give credit wherever possible, by putting the name inside brackets in the filenames. If someone feels they were not credited or wants their files removed message me to fix it.

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there is no way I could have left your stuff out, you made the L2OFF community so much richer since you joined in :)


you are right about the compiler, I'll just leave it be along with the others to be easier to find, deleting it from the shares mirror

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Updated with 2 ISOs containing all the post SP2 hotfixes for both versions of WS2003 and a separate zip of the Postpacific backup of @smeli

Edited by sepultribe
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