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[L2J] Dex Classic


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Elmoraden is in danger and you can’t remain uninvolved! 

Conquer the Tower of Insolence and suppress the epic Raid Boss Baium, confined in it. 
Acquire tenure of inaccessible Aden. Fight in PvP Zones till the last drop of your blood!


Dear Friends!
The time has come! 2.0 Saviors Update will take place earlier than the planned time frame.  {cat (15)}

With this update you will get: New Raids, New locations, Olympiad, 3rd prof, Fishing System and many more content
Full list you can see here:  Lineage 2 Classic: Saviors Update

Thanks to everyone who helped us with tests and joined OBT 2.0.

At night from 15 to 16 server will be on maintance around ~4hous.

To join 2.0 you have to download 2.0 client
Download client

Classic Insolence x4 - Full server Description
Guide - How to start play on Insolence x4 Server






A little from the server life:



More Videos: Media



Opening of server Insolence x4


January 26 20:00 (UTC +1)
Lineage 2 Classic
RU Description

Dear Friends!
We are pleased to announce the grand opening date and rates of the L2Dex classic server! Thank you for your patience, support and help in testing!
Opening will be on January 26th at 20:00 (UTC +1). Server will be start on Classic 1.5 with Updates for 2.0 and so on.

Server Features:
XP\SP: x4
Spoil: x3 chance, x1 amount, and if the chance is above 100% then the amount is increased.
Adena: Poll - Adena Rate
Drop: x2 chance, amount x1, and if the chance is above 100% then the amount is increased.
Drop for books: x3 chance
Quest Reward Items: x1
Quest Reward adena: x3
Quest drop item: x2
Raid Boss drop: x2 chance
Raid Boss XP\SP: x4
Fishing exp\sp: x3

Join the voting:
Poll - How many clients would you like to be allowed?
Poll - Tradable ToDs or NOT tradable ToDs?
Poll - Shops in Giran Harbor ?

Often we hear questions about Donate Shop - so we give the answer and make it clear :)
Donation is minimal, no equipment, just consumables, scrolls, decorations, etc. Everything is almost the same as on the official servers of Korea.
You can see detailed assortments and prices on our Beta Servers (there may be slight changes in prices or assortment before the start).
[SPOILER="Screen with donation shop"]

We remind you that open testing is available to anyone. You have two option for beta servers: Classic 1.5 and for Classic 2.0.
More on how to join Beta - Open Beta Test Classic 1.5-2.0- Launch November 18

We also invite you to our Discord channel. Here you can chat with the administration and other players, as well as find a company for the game
Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

Stay tuned!
Sincerely, Lineage2Dex Team




How to start play on Insolence x4 Server:

There are 4 steps you have to do to start play:
1. REGISTER a Master Account
2. CREATE a Game Account
3. PREPARE the game
4. LOGIN to the server


  • This is our main site: Lineage2Dex
  • When you open it you can choose PREFERABLE LANGUAGE and you can make a REGISTRATION
  • Click on REGISTRATION and you will be redirected to the registration part of the site
  • PREFIX is generated automatically, however you can change it, these 3 letters make your Master Account more secure.
  • Create a LOGIN
  • Create a PASSWORD (minimum 8 signs long)
  • Write your EMAIL address
  • I agree to the terms and rules CHECKED
  • I am not a robot CHECKED
  • Check your email box, you should get CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION
  • Click on the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button


Congratulation You have successfully registered Your Master Account!


  • From the main page of our server: Lineage2Dex
  • First you have to LOGIN to your Master Account
  • On this part you have to write your LOGIN with added PREFIX and your PASSWORD
  • REMEMBER ME if you want your browser to remember your login and password
  • I am not a robot CHECKED
  • After all clock on CONTINUE button
  • You will get an email after your first login with confirmation all your Master Account details
  • Click on GO TO CABINET button
  • Now you will be redirected to your Master Account panel
  • Very important thing is to choose proper SERVER on which you want to create a Game Account, so choose [AoS] INSOLENCE x4 for Classic 1.5 or [SvS] Insolence x4 for Classic 2.0
  • After you choose a proper server you can click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT button
  • A popup window will appear, so fill all the required fields
  • PREFIX is generated automatically, however you can change it, these 3 letters make your Game Account more secure
  • Create your LOGIN, your PASSWORD and CONFIRM PASSWORDto the game account
  • After all click REGISTER
  • Check your email box, you should get confirmation that you successfully created your Game Account
  • On the confirmation email you will see the details of your Game Account, such as ACCOUNT with chosen PREFIX andPASSWORD
  • You have to confirm your details by clicking GO TO CABINET button


Congratulation You have successfully created Your Game Account!


  • Download a proper CLIENT from here: Resources
  • Unzip the client
  • Download, save and unzip a proper PATCH file to your Lineage2 folder
  • Now run l2.exe, from your system folder
  • Make sure you use patch matching the client
  • Sometimes antyvirus can block your game, so add it to the exceptions if the game won't start

Congratulation You have successfully prepered Your Game Client!


  • OPEN your L2.exe (you should have it on your desktop, if not, you can find it in the system folder)
  • Use your game account LOGIN, don't forget about PREFIX
  • Use your game account PASSWORD
  • Confirm all the details clicking LOG IN

From now you can enjoy your GAME!

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9 hours ago, xan123 said:

sounds good,

my questions - are you planning to update it later to 2.5 - 3 ? 

What about donations ? Are they going to be overpowered ? 

faster way to know that is checking forum , ther ar plenty posts about it :D and i can answer about update .. yes , they planning update's higher than this

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XP\SP: 4
Spoil: 3 chance amount 1, and if it is above 100% increase the count
Adena x2
Drop x2 chance amount x1, and if it is above 100% increase the count
Drop for books x3
Quest Reward Items: 1
Quest Reward adena: 3
Quest drop item: 2
Raid Boss drop: x2 chance 
Raid Boss XP\SP: 4x
fishing exp\sp: 3

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9 hours ago, DreamStage said:

Change title to L2J


Who codes in C# shit anyway? Trying to be smart?


Dynamic Rates? With Classic Gameplay? Another Classic to waste time i guess

being unpolite wont do you any good . 

rates are same we used on dex low rate servers . there is nothing dynamic in them . 

about coding skills ,  as i see you and moderator who give us warning are trying to be smart without having any clue . 



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