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  1. yeah well , aswell an account created some days ago and just flaming servers doesnt say anything good
  2. u guys have in mind to open a new server? :D
  3. got paid from skylord to come here and say this? XD and btw , where are all those fake clans?
  4. atleast they doesnt pay trash ppl to play there and bring fake online with boxes and bots ..
  5. when wipe? need a fresh start srv
  6. plus i havent said about lags XD
  7. servers not worth playing , pvp base with gmshop that u farm and then craft A grade .. really XD better to put all in shop and sell how PvP servers mostly do , or make mid rate and craft/pvp with only misc at gmshop .. but hey , its your srv
  8. server is really nice , people who's playing is enjoying it
  9. it was so bad to see , starting everyone with C grade and watch people in A because of donations .. tbh there wasnt even balance between classes tho xD idk if its worth playable , i can suggest u to go create GVE in classic chronicle but if u gonna add donations like in interlude is gonna be another waste of time XD
  10. u wrote it wrong : When is the new donate season?
  11. the srv is good tho , nice activity and pvp everyday in top spots ..
  12. faster way to know that is checking forum , ther ar plenty posts about it :D and i can answer about update .. yes , they planning update's higher than this
  13. new server for you to sell adena/items .. ofc its not bad
  14. Chars : sorc 63 naked or full geared as u wish (bracelet lv 3 with lot of coins to upgrade+talisman of insolence lv4) SE 61 geared+wm+dw EE 51 geared Items : ghoul staff+6+wynn10 karm set+7+6+6 bo set karm gloves+6 WTB classic.club x3 characters lv 75-76 (mage)