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  1. It's all about luck.noway of trying of explain it.
  2. Great server.The only thing is missing are is the people.Hope it will grows up!
  3. You can't find no login into Lineage2 at all .-.
  4. Guys,It's a really old post! (2008) =/
  5. Didn0't work for me nor in HB,nor in Il nor in C4
  6. Rfactor 1 and 2 Gtr2/3/evo are also good. Both theese two are cicuit-racing simulation If You like rallies,I suggest you Richard Burns Rally with the Ralliesim mod. I also like IRacing but it is pay to play.
  7. imho Fifa 11 owns hard Pes11 =|
  8. What's the point of making Freya server w/o freya skillz?lol
  9. Sk if the server is freya(doesn't matter if it is PVP or lowrate) Why? Pain of Shillien+Spirit. Paladin if the server is IL(doesn't matter if it is PVP or lowrate) Why?Angelic Icon+ touch of life.