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  1. Should be some rules in how long a server can be in "Previews"
  2. 10 years and still have ddos problems ;) pro staff
  3. The funny thing is that Xeonc is responding with a serious answer.
  4. "HTTP Error 404. The requested resource is not found. " ?
  5. Well time will prove, hope it will work out but looks very hard to maintain with 36 players.
  6. You dig yourself to deep into this to leave ;)
  7. It was my opinion that the type of game does not fit in its context. But as I said, good luck and I hope it will go well.
  8. I understand that you are trying to hang on a pubg clone wars hype, but lineage 2 has no place in this, completely wrong game type to implement this in. just my opinion, good luck!
  9. What is the point of making it private, I mean what made you change your mind to make it "help-to-get" model?
  10. Nice, btw why you not use some sort of repository like bitbucket instead of uploading files for each update? :)