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  1. Hello, So i decided to finish my adventure on L2, no more time to play. All chars selling with email. Sorc 57, vip4, missing some skills cause of SP. Demon staff +3, Demon set +3, Jewel C-grade. ViP for 15 days more. 5 hats from donate, 40+ scrolls of 30/40% exp. Active rune +50% exp for 4 days more, dyes +4 int,wit,con. Fruits 60+. SOLD EE 54 lvl - Karmian set, rest no grade. Recharge max level, 2kk sp left. Scrolls for exp, fruits SOLD SE 55 lvl - Karmian set, rest no grade. Recharge max leve, emp too. VIP1- 80 euro BD 52 lvl - 3kk sp, conc and mystic bought + duals sabers. SOLD PP 53 lvl 50%, zerk 2, acu 3 (no haste and DW). SOLD SK 53 lvl, vip 2, missing hex, cubics and few skills. Chain set, d low weap, jewel C SOLD Also i have another topic with elven wizard 40, scavenger 43 lvl. Payment through paypal, if i get money i am sending all of the data. Im here since 11 years :) pm here or skype: sarevoks@gmail.com
  2. Hello, What is online after 1 year? Im realy tired of Giran bot server :p
  3. Hello, Scavenger 43,50% 1/3 quests done, its cheap to finish. Moon set, clean char with email, rune 50% exp/sp for 7 days. - 40 euro Elven Wizard 40 lvl 1/3 quests done for ES, moon set, clean char with email. 30+ scrolls 1kk exp, rune 50% exp,sp for 7 days. - 30 euro Pm me here if you want to negotiate.
  4. Hi, So i have nothing to do with this character, if someone wants i can trade it for elven knight 35+. Char has done one quest from 2nd proff for elemental summoner, moon set, nothing else intresting. Only 21 scrolls of 1kk exp, growing daily. Good nickname. If you are instrested pm me. Giran server.