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  1. is there any internation clan? :d everyone from russia :/
  2. Hello, So i decided to finish my adventure on L2, no more time to play. All chars selling with email. Sorc 57, vip4, missing some skills cause of SP. Demon staff +3, Demon set +3, Jewel C-grade. ViP for 15 days more. 5 hats from donate, 40+ scrolls of 30/40% exp. Active rune +50% exp for 4 days more, dyes +4 int,wit,con. Fruits 60+. SOLD EE 54 lvl - Karmian set, rest no grade. Recharge max level, 2kk sp left. Scrolls for exp, fruits SOLD SE 55 lvl - Karmian set, rest no grade. Recharge max leve, emp too. VIP1- 80 euro BD 52 lvl - 3kk sp, conc and mystic bought + duals sabers. SOLD PP 53 lvl 50%, zerk 2, acu 3 (no haste and DW). SOLD SK 53 lvl, vip 2, missing hex, cubics and few skills. Chain set, d low weap, jewel C SOLD Also i have another topic with elven wizard 40, scavenger 43 lvl. Payment through paypal, if i get money i am sending all of the data. Im here since 11 years :) pm here or skype: sarevoks@gmail.com
  3. Hello, What is online after 1 year? Im realy tired of Giran bot server :p
  4. Hello, Scavenger 43,50% 1/3 quests done, its cheap to finish. Moon set, clean char with email, rune 50% exp/sp for 7 days. - 40 euro Elven Wizard 40 lvl 1/3 quests done for ES, moon set, clean char with email. 30+ scrolls 1kk exp, rune 50% exp,sp for 7 days. - 30 euro Pm me here if you want to negotiate.