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  1. I dont care I don't play, but for years youre slave of the greeks and forum warrior. Gl on next mouse/stalone corrupted shit that starts in 2 days with 249294k online.
  2. Trying really hard to flame remorse and in same time promoting next scamaz server :D
  3. Will be selling adena on x3 from 19.06. Adena on mmoway is sold and we are no longer offering. Sold: 72kk Chars: PP - 56 - Haste/DW - 150e SOLD Pm me here or skype: fairtraderl2
  4. WTS Adena 100kk - 7 Euro Instock - 1b+ PM ME HERE OR USE SKYPE FOR CONTACTS: PM ME HERE OR USE FACEBOOK FOR CONTACT: https://www.facebook...21050851436887/
  5. Exactly, no fixes since 1 month, check your reports that wait for a fix. You ruined the whole dex reputation with this server. Youre more active here than in your forums :D
  6. Look at their forum. They have tons of bugs, some of them reported since a month. This project is abandoned.
  7. why u post videos from ppl that stopped playing 1 month ago? Just open even now you report section and look what joke is your server.
  8. Ppl are less than bugs on this crap. Its more like beta than live server.
  9. Wtf did you played classic at all? On 1.0 shots problem existed but I played Skelth and on 40 I had enough adena for Set, wep, jewels and later for dyes. That you don;t know profitable spots for farming or log farm 30 min and delog, after that qq for no adena, then problem is in you. On low rates usually u have enoght adena to buy what u need.
  10. Like always we are providing adena on most popular and stable H5 server RPG-Club. ADENA INSTOCK ~ 1kkk 250kk RUR - 7k Necro 80 SOLD WC 81 SOLD SWS 73 BD 79 PP 78 SOLD If you see cheapest show me i make it lower. PM ME HERE OR USE SKYPE FOR CONTACTS: PM ME HERE OR USE FACEBOOK FOR CONTACT: https://www.facebook...21050851436887/
  11. Typical for DN, they never advertise, they rely on their 10 years online of Dragon server (50-100 online)
  12. Alanah when i played there long time ago TZ helped other clans and via pm tried to convince me to leave some epics to them. Sadly screens are gone. Left and gone since then just watch the forum drama and fails. I talk by my personal experience.
  13. Noone said files are bad. DN has one of the best files. Bugs in their servers are due to the heavy custom changes to make it substack, but on vanilla L2 without customs maybe they have files similar to RPG. BUT problem here is staff, once server start you will see how they will stop respond, even for weeks or months :D. And at the end will tell you we have jobs families this servers is our hobby etc. Hobby but with donate system. Also they have corrupted GM on every server, who is Trackzero with different nicks. Trackzero himself also try to tell players what to do like the guy above told about the dracobow. They have cps that donate massive and if some cp that don't donate outplay them, track start to take make everything to help his ppl. Files are good but staff is crapp.
  14. You are free bitch barking for stalone or skylord or whoelse is there. No one give a shit what u want and what u ask. Clown of the forum. Out of DN topic.