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Dear users,


We were a bit silent becuase of the work volume. 

Here are the latest news:


1. We added a full box(window) bind, which currently unbypassable as of our knowledge and tests. 

2. We implemented and tested our new HWID system, which we will upgrade in the following days to provide full immunity to hwid change. ATM I won't lie, there're few people, litiraly few, that can still change hardware data. But it will be gone in several days.

3. We added a complete support to C4 chronicles. 

4. We extended damage on screen to Interlude branch, added a new version a damage on screen (including the skill icon and more custom way, the official way is also available)

5. We added A radio module (this is a free module), in which you can set a list of radio(any amount of them) and operate it as of controls bellow:

CTRL+R = radio on/off
CTRL+Left/Right arrows = previous / next stations
CTRL+Up/Down arrows = volume up / down by 10% each time (or you can hold it)
CTRL+ALT+Up/Down = volume up / down by 1% 

6. As of adrenalin, unfortunately there were news in which rolled us back with the process to make him less effective on our servers, but, the good news the better and more solid solution is on the way and should be tested on live on next week. I understand the frustration, but yet, adrenaline is a powerful and highly financed tool which is on the market for many many years but we're doing our best to secure new and upcomming servers for the time they need to make the initial funds, everyday.

 We're continue to giving the best service available to our customers, and we hit record high online numbers this months. We will continue to strive and give you the best server YOU DESERVE! Join us 

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    • Is this some kind of joke?  
    • Walker AI update   This update includes logic for the WalkerAI. All it really is, is that a player can have a set of nodes in which he can walk to and stay there for some amount of time. There are two types of movements, Linear (which will follow the nodes one by one) and random (which will randomize them).   The WalkerAI class is an abstract class which you extend and you add your own nodes and duration as well as movement types. I added GiranWalkerAI as an example with some nodes and some duration but feel free to customize to make it look organic as you see fit.   You can use the "//spawnwalker giran" in giran to test it. Im planning to add restrictions in which AIs can be applied where so there is no confusion with that goes where.   Here is a little demo video. As you can tell this doesn't look real so feel free to modify it.  
    • EAST

      IP: 22428
      RP: 100
      Champions: 91
      Skins: 21
      Refunds left: 3
      Rank: Gold II

      Price: 60 Euro
    •   I say I'm going to complile the server and I'm missing this error. I make a mistake? You can help me? How can I make it?   verifyRequirements:
          [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\Build\Scripts build
          [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\Build\Scripts build\classes
          [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\Build\Scripts build\dist
          [mkdir] Created dir: C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\Build\Scripts build\dist\libs
      compile: BUILD FAILED
      C:\Users\terrys\Desktop\Νέος φάκελος\hi5\trunk\build_script.xml:34: Unable to find a javac compiler;
      com.sun.tools.javac.Main is not on the classpath.
      Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK.
      It is currently set to "C:\Program Files\Java\Νέος φάκελος" Total time: 1 second
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