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L2Sguard Server Protection[Security Updates!][22/01/21]

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Dear users,


We were a bit silent becuase of the work volume. 

Here are the latest news:


1. We added a full box(window) bind, which currently unbypassable as of our knowledge and tests. 

2. We implemented and tested our new HWID system, which we will upgrade in the following days to provide full immunity to hwid change. ATM I won't lie, there're few people, litiraly few, that can still change hardware data. But it will be gone in several days.

3. We added a complete support to C4 chronicles. 

4. We extended damage on screen to Interlude branch, added a new version a damage on screen (including the skill icon and more custom way, the official way is also available)

5. We added A radio module (this is a free module), in which you can set a list of radio(any amount of them) and operate it as of controls bellow:

CTRL+R = radio on/off
CTRL+Left/Right arrows = previous / next stations
CTRL+Up/Down arrows = volume up / down by 10% each time (or you can hold it)
CTRL+ALT+Up/Down = volume up / down by 1% 

6. As of adrenalin, unfortunately there were news in which rolled us back with the process to make him less effective on our servers, but, the good news the better and more solid solution is on the way and should be tested on live on next week. I understand the frustration, but yet, adrenaline is a powerful and highly financed tool which is on the market for many many years but we're doing our best to secure new and upcomming servers for the time they need to make the initial funds, everyday.

 We're continue to giving the best service available to our customers, and we hit record high online numbers this months. We will continue to strive and give you the best server YOU DESERVE! Join us 

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L2Classic 1.0,1.5,2.0, 2.5, 3.0

  • You know that you could name those the right Official European / Russian / Japanese versions:
    • 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and so on
  • Instead using "Korean" version references where 99% of Players / Server Owners / Community doesn't even know what the fuck they are
  • UNLESS you're emulating KOREAN version (which is completely wrong) since none of the other Regions are using them.
  • At the moment it looks like you emulate Korean and that's it

That's some misleading information right there...


My 2 cents.

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Hi, I do understand, but most of the clients understand the classic by their custom names, like 1.0 1.5 etc. or classic:salvation classic:zaken classic:antharas etc.


Its a phrase right, even not really correct one..

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Dear friends,


We're glad to submit this year with a lot of good news. 

Throughout this year we've made neumerous security upgrades, dag out unlimited amount of information which was neglected by other for such a long time. 

Our clients get the most suitable attention and service they deserve and overall we do everything to keep this business profitable for them. 


In a few words, this year was very successful from security improvements and from the ability of us to provide additional custom modules to our clients, since most modules are free, we've create a large selection of modules which will rise next year.

We've changed the HWID system, proving that it's possible to create a 1/1000 bypass rates which is not commercial or transferable.

We've implemented additional box checking system which also decreased the bypass rates to 1/1000.

We've created a lot of interesting modules, such as lobby module, scale module, radio module and many others.

We've started the work on semi-automatic sgcp system which will give the client more flexibility and control over his license. 


It is true, that in term of bots, we weren't too much successful, and many clients had mixed review about this specific Adrenaline case. We won't start and compare it to other protections or something like this, we will just tell you the following:


Today, Dec 31st 2017, l2-sguard team powered by l2-scripts, has successfully completed an architecture change  in the core of the protection. 

We've invented a new way in fighting bots and worked on it non stop for 3 months now, from tomorrow, Jan. 1st 2018, our clients will start receiving gradual upgrades of their systems, we hope to complete that process in 7-10 days. 

Due our development team advice, I can't tell you which upgrades took place and what was changed. 


Our clients may contact me for the information and future clients may observe the work we have done.


Dear members of this wonderful community, on behalf of l2-scripts and l2s-guard teams, we wish you happy holidays and a happy, successful, evolving, full of joy and money year!

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Hello party poopers :) 


First of all, I speak with our clients as a real person, not saying that we're the best in every and all field there is. So If you think its a political disadvantage no problem, you may go and buy something 10000% ready and secured (lol). 

Regarding adrenalin is the most dangerous thing, think again. click refresh. its not. (yet very important to give fight for). 


Happy new year!

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I really don't have the words to describe the quality of support I'm getting from l2-script guys.

I needed some help today with my L2S-Guard.


4:30 am: I send them a message at skype thinking that they gonna see it sometime the next day and they gonna answer but a guy asnwered instantly.

Those guys are available 24/7. He answered to me directly and stayed with me for a hour or so helping n' fulfilling my crazy requests.


Thank you guys. You're super amazing.

I completely vouch for them!

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  • l2-scripts changed the title to L2Sguard Server Protection[Security Updates!][16/01/19]
  • l2-scripts changed the title to L2Sguard Server Protection[Security Updates!][22/01/21]

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