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  1. He is probabily* just missing an AF (ActionFailed) packet
  2. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=How+do+we+split+strings+in+java
  3. He's trolling just for your info (since we talk daily), and I'm Portuguese :)
  4. I do respect your opinion but it's only yours and those who don't wanna wait for such long time for something not seen before. Btw im not doing retail like 1:1. For that everyone has official which is free now. Im preparing something else, a new world. Those are my reasons why i do not say anything till the MVP.
  5. Just because I'm not sharing my own developments, doesn't mean im not working on them (Private Project) ;) Yet again im emphasing on the following: Maxcheaters is an advertising Forum, not a blog. If you have a problem with that I am sorry but you can just avoid my topic. If i wanted to share my private developments to the public it would not be here in first place. When i want to release official news (with specific informations) I will.
  6. You know more than my workspace, even Thanos would be afraid of you :D And no, im not buying any crap files just because they are cheap. I have seen them all, shared all over the internet and saw how much gameplay was ruined (not real Classic at all, missing features and so on - yes the "complete features everyone talks about").
  7. Nop im not an opportunist, i have just saw the code from my own eyes and moved to the rightful owners. I have also tried to help them making the code way better with their reviews and approvals. Im also part of the main team. Does that makes me a fanboy because my goals were achieved?
  8. I can answer your question in a more clear way to open everyones eyes and yours since I have used your Project back in 2015 and left to L2JUnity in 2016. The reasons were simple: Work on a Project where the "real" team behind all L2J source code foundation were. Where the current version of the game was the one I was working at. Your project had countless bugs and because (as you said) It's using L2JUnity's code on some parts (or even most of it as your project's base). That's why you have these bugs (what the actual fuck would you expect? Off course you would
  9. I don't think that will happen, especially due to versions follow up paths
  10. You are right I should have started a blog myself rather than posting my topic at an advertising Forum ;)
  11. When it's ready for release (at least MVP), still under developments
  12. Yep 2 years developing l2j avoiding every potential exploit, bug and missing features :) I will just not rush it to cash grab like everyone else does, that's how L2 Warpgate works. Nowadays most of the Private Classic Servers are rushed ones based on shared packs with missing features and hidden bugs, exploits. PS: Bugs who ruin gameplay Except for @pada and Gamecoast. Thanks for your understanding.
  13. Not going to feed the same already answered accusation. I have already explained myself and yes i did reported a couple of times by report button and private messages and there were no change on the topics titles :) Anyway i've already talked with Designatix in pm about it and he saw the reason why we all (Classic Owners) had our titles with additional informations. If you need more answers you know where to find me or how to contact me (Instead having all discussion on my Topic). Peace
  14. You seriously have no clue what your talking about :) Haven't even logged and already judging. Suit yourself inside your own ignorance.
  15. it's 100% off ;) Good Luck @pada and the rest of the team.
  16. Who was being rude? For stating what was happening during these 2 years? Com'on As i said i didn't even care if you guys updated my titles as long OTHERS would have them updated as well without the "opening with x3000 online, opening today, Classic xyz and so on" About other topics: Lineage Coliseum is missing [L2J] tag And about me having Classic 2.2, or 2.3 or wtv the version on my TITLE it's for Players to know since you guys don't have it like you have for Gracia Parts I, II and so on. PS: Had some prefix image like you have for those Gracia P
  17. After 2 years someone was able to update my title. If you do that for every topic im ok else i will just revert it back how it was. Edit: I would had change my title BEFORE according your rules if everyone else was following and if there was an active moderator during these 2 years.
  18. Nah, There are issues that will ruin gameplay. Thats why I want them fixed in first place, because people will leave if they see these issues during Opening or in first week before getting attached to Warpgate. Thats my top priority right now as my Project isnt ready for a MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
  19. It's not because of his post but bump from IPBoard Forum It shows bumped Topic with last post at Posts Widget
  20. It's just some Real Life stuff come in the way when I first started the Project and i didn't had time to focus on Warpgate developments. (Like my University completion and moving to another Country). Had to start a new live and update my Project with NCSoft up to date version changes. There were also no files available therefore i had to start my own and improving from there. And as @Sdw said there are no complete files available neither proper ones for me to buy except L2OFF NCSoft Official ones, but i can do it with my knowledge and some outside help and that's w
  21. Would love to know who is pretending to have those best files Foo Fighters are you NCSoft?