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  1. I appreciate all the attention guys :) Honestly I'm new to Java, that's true and I'm trying to debug the automatic donation system from l2 packs like ava mythras etc. The project is totally local, no publishing, no selling, just wanna get it done. I got to tweaking the source java to : public static void decode(Message msg) throws Exception { Object msgCont = msg.getContent(); String from = msg.getFrom()[0].toString(); String str = msgCont.toString(); String[] strs = str.split("\n"); if (strs[2].startsWith("This email confirms that you have received a
  2. Hi guys, I have a code snippet here: String str = msgCont.toString(); String[] strs = str.split("\n"); if (strs[2].startsWith("partofthemessage") && strs[2].contains("x")) { Main.handleDonation("y", strs[2].split("\\)")[0].split("\\(")[1], str.split("xx: ")[1].substring(0, 17), (int)Double.parseDouble(strs[2].substring(57, strs[2].indexOf(" x")))); "); Will someone care to explain if : String[] strs = str.split("\n"); if (strs[2] means the second string of the msg content?